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Metrobus concern in Samsun: İbrahim Temurcan, Head of Turkish Transportation-You Branch. Reminding that the indoor sports hall with a capacity of 7 spectators, Samsun Fair and Congress Center and the Stadium Samsun Projects will be put into service in Tekkeköy, he warned that the metrobus may make transportation even more difficult when the density in this region is expected to increase.

FEVzi Apaydın, the head of the TFF, stated that they are not against the rail system or the BRT system. Apaydın, However, the municipality has to do, the bread sector, children who eat bread, the people who read the house is not forgetting people.

"If you say I have the means and throw the van aside, there will be problems." Gülsüm urfau 6.

On the page Metrobus to Samsun, Metrobus Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz announced that the Tekkeköy Metrobus System, which will be completed in the first half of 2015, will be a solution to the transportation problem in the east of the rapidly growing city. The Metrobus project, whose infrastructure works continue between the city center, created a debate. Turkish Transportation-You Branch President İbrahim Temurcan said, “The rail system should have continued instead of Metrobus”, while TŞOF President Fevzi Apaydın warned that “the President should also consider the tradesmen living there”.

Turkish Transport and Seim Branch President Iibrahim Temurcan said the BRT system is seriously concerned as to whether the BRT system will be sufficient considering the rapid growth in the east of the city. 7 bin 500 indoor sports hall with audience capacity.

Reminding that Samsun Fair and Congress Center and the Stadium Samsun Projects will be put into service in Tekkeköy, Tamurcan warned that the system could make transportation even more difficult when the density in this region would increase. "RAIL SYSTEM SHOULD BE MADE" Örnek Sanayi.

Noting that İlkadım Sanayi, 19 Mayıs Industry, Organized Industry, Food Organized Industry and Logistics Center is also located in the east of the city and on this route, Temurcan said, “In short, in SamsunTekkeköy route; There will be a large vehicle and population mobility caused by both industrial zones, commercial and sports activities. It is obvious that this vehicle and population density cannot be made by minibuses, buses, or private vehicles. It would be more correct to extend the Rail System in this region.

He even prepared a report that DLH Rail System could be made more economical and healthy in connection with Çarşamba, Terme, Ünye, Fatsa and Ordu. However, the president chose to introduce the metrobus system, ”he said.

The maximum passenger capacity of the vehicle to be used on the route, which is planned to provide transportation with 10 trolleybuses or metrobuses at the first stage. Considering that the metrobus system has turned into an ordeal in Istanbul transportation and the municipality has signed a protocol even with TÜBİTAK to solve this problem, it is stated that Samsun may experience a similar crisis.

The most critical part of the preferential route of the Metropolitan Municipality in relation to the BRT System is between the Fishery Shelter and Petrol Ofisi Filling Facilities. Currently, the ground leveling and fortification work for the construction of the road continues.

Within the scope of the project, bridges, culverts and other art structures will also be built. Another group that is worried about the 'metrobus', which is planned to be completed in the first half of 2015 and to make its first flight in June, is the minibus tradesman in Tekkeköy.

Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation (TŞOF) President Fawzi Apaydin also brought dite our concern in this newspaper. Underlining that they are not against neither the rail system nor the metrobus system, Fevzi Apaydın said, “However, what the municipality should do is not to forget the people who eat bread from the transportation sector, teach children, and provide households.

I have the opportunity to say. If you throw the van aside, there will be troubles.

This system exists in Istanbul and Ankara, but minibus shopkeepers do not have a problem there. In our case, the opposite happens, ”he said.

Saying that he hopes that Metrobus will meet with the minibus tradesmen in this region when the time comes, Apaydın said, “Being the mayor does not mean that I do every job. It is also necessary to consider the tradesmen living there ”.

One of the criticisms made about metrobuses in Istanbul and Ankara is that they are `` very crowded '', the traffic density that makes Istanbulites mad sometimes becomes such that even the shortest distance can take hours, Metrobus, which is planned as a project that relieves the traffic of Istanbul, It causes a separate traffic even on the metrobus, which has a route outside, and metrobuses in Istanbul still operate as 465 vehicles with a lam capacity. They provide transportation services on a 724 basis.

When the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality could not overcome the problems, it even decided to work on comfort, speed, efficiency and capacity increase in metrobus and bus lines by signing the "Flexible Transportation Line Project" protocol with TÜBİTAK.

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