Description of safety electric bike

Description of safety of electric bikes: Samsun Police Department, made an explanation about the issue of electric bicycles.
In the written statement, “With the amendment made in the 2918rd article of the Highway Traffic Law numbered 3, titled Definitions, with the 12th article of the Law number 2013 dated 6495 July 13;
'Bicycles: They are non-motorized vehicles that move by rotating the wheel of the pedal or hand with the muscle power of the person on it. Electric bicycles whose maximum continuous burning power does not exceed 0,25 KW, their power decreases as they accelerate, and whose speed is at most 25 km / h or when the power is completely cut off immediately after the pause of pedaling fall into this class.
Motorized bicycle (Moped): (Amended: 12 July 2013-6495 / 13 md.) Two or three wheeled vehicles with a maximum speed not exceeding 45 kilometers per hour, with an internal combustion engine cylinder volume of 50 centimeters, and an electric motor with a maximum continuous nominal power output of 4 kilowatts. Four-wheeled motor vehicles with the same features as those with a net weight not exceeding 350 kilograms. Battery weights are not taken into account when calculating the net weight of electrically powered employees. In this context, electric bicycles whose maximum continuous power does not exceed 0,25 KW, their power decreases as they accelerate, and whose power is completely cut off after reaching a maximum of 25 km / h or immediately after ceasing to pedal, are not subject to registration and can be used without any class of driver's license. However, electric bicycles with a maximum power of 0,25 KW and above are subject to registration and their drivers must have (A) class driver's license ”.
The following information was included in the following description:
“In traffic inspections; Unregistered electric bicycles of 0,25 KW and above are banned from traffic by issuing a penalty of 25 TL in accordance with Article 172 of the Highways Traffic Law, and for those who use these vehicles without a class A driving license, Article 36 of the Highways Traffic Law. Accordingly, 1.462 TL, and at the same time, the same amount of penalty report must be issued to the bike owner. If bicycle and motor cyclists do not use helmets, 78 TL from article 1 / 80b of the same law, and 66 TL from article 172 of the law are penalized if it is determined that they do not comply with other traffic rules. With the summer season, electric bicycles were brought to road traffic and it was understood from the applications of our citizens and the determinations of the inspection teams that they caused traffic accidents, and after the necessary information was given to the owners of the workplaces who were found to rent electric bicycles in the center of our city, they started to be applied.
“According to the decision numbered 7/2013 of the 16532th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals in the press, in the investigation about the allegation that 'electric bicycles are not subject to registration and do not require a driving license'; With the instruction of the Ministry of Interior dated 15 April 2011 and numbered 81836, it was stated that electric bicycles are regulated in the Type Approval Regulation and that electric bicycles of 0,25 KW and above should be considered as 'motor bikes', they are subject to registration and must be used with a class A driving license. The explanation, which was reminded, was completed as follows: “According to this instruction; On the grounds that '… the concept of motor bicycle cannot be expanded by the regulation, which is the regulatory act of the administration ...' with the decision of the 7th Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals, the 7th Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals It has been understood that the administrative sanction decision dated 2013 has been canceled. With the amendment made by Article 16532 of the Highways Traffic Law dated 19 July 2011 and numbered 12, the definitions of bicycles and motorized bicycles were changed and electric bicycles were added to the relevant definitions. Since 2013 July 6495, the definition has been made by law, the issue of expanding the definition with administrative regulation has been removed and the legislation has been made in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court. In addition, according to the 13st article of the regulation related to the law for electric bicycles with a maximum rated power of more than 12 KW; Registration is carried out upon presentation of the certificate of ownership, certificate of conformity, SCT payment, and compulsory liability insurance policy. Since 2013 electric bicycles are unregistered so far, transactions have been made, and 0,25 electric bicycles have been registered and given their certificates and plates by our Directorate.




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