Ringed life broke the citizen's setting

Ringed life broke the setting of the citizen: EGO flights removed, the passengers ring lines and subway to the subway application has left six days. Ankara Hürriyet'a citizens, the application of the complaint by arguing that they are victims.

EGO flights in many parts of the capital were removed with the new application that started a week ago. Instead of the canceled bus services, ring flights to subway stations in certain regions were started. Six days behind the application brought many complaints from citizens. While traveling from one region to the next, the new application with the 2 or three vehicles, indicating that they change the citizens, the application and they suffered a loss of time and material. The capitals said about the ring application:
Iz We have to use 2 or 3 now for the regions where we used to go with one. We're getting off the bus and getting on the subway. Then we get on the bus again. We have to wait separately for both the bus and the metro. In thousand, the length of transportation was extended. There are no warning signs about routes and times. From day one, we've all been late for work, even bus drivers aren't aware of routes and times. New ring services have caused us to suffer. Yeni


Citizens living in the Çayyolu area, the city of Sincan with the ring of passengers in the ring is moving to Sincan trouble. Sincanlılar city center, instead of metro in their own region is moving over Ümitköy bewildered. Çayyolu and Ümitköy residents, who advocated their return to private car use due to the crowded metro, said, yolu We have been using the subway since leaving the cars in March. However, Çayyolu Metro became very busy with newly integrated ring trips. We had to return to our private vehicles when we had trouble getting to the metro during the round-trip times. İş Sincanlılar, who moved to Çayyolu and Ümitköy with their ring buses from their region, said:
Köy There is a metro station in our area, but the rings take us to Çayyolu and Ümitköy. We don't understand what kind of system it is. Because we do not have any other alternatives, we endure this situation. Our time to reach Kızılay has doubled. K


People living in Fatih Sultan Quarter and Çankaya Mustafa Kemal neighborhood of Etimesgut said that they had great problems with the removal of EGO buses which are the only transportation option. Mahalleli said, “There are no shopping, health and education services in our region. We went to EGO buses and met our needs from nearby regions. With the new system, we have had great evil. Yeni


Sincan, Fatih, Eryaman and Elvankent citizens living in the region, Sincan metro station in their own region instead of the Harikalar Zari station Çayyolu subway said they do not make sense to move to Ümitköy station. Citizens, yapmak those who want to reach the workplace from these regions are forced to make 3 and. Ring cruises close to us, Harikalar Land, Eryaman 1,2 instead of stations, Ümitköy'e takes. We've had to travel for hours. We had to take a private public bus. Both money and travel time increased from our pocket, Hem he said.


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