Durable Asphalt Coating Works in Isparta

Durable Asphalt Coating Works in Isparta Continues: Isparta Municipality, Mimar Sinan Street continues to work.
On Mimar Sinan Street, where the infrastructure is very old, the teams of the Water and Sewerage Department continue their work. It is stated that a bicycle path will be implemented on the street for the first time, and a separate view of the street with special lighting. kazanwill be recorded. It has been reported that the rose ornament, which was removed by the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board on the grounds that it obstructs the view of the Bedesten Bazaar, will be reassembled in Kaymakkapı Square.
Following the works carried out on Mimar Sinan Street, Mayor Yusuf Ziya Günaydın said, “Work continues on one of the most important and difficult streets of the city. The street is one of the oldest streets in the city. For this reason, its infrastructure was also completed. We rebuilt the infrastructure system on the street. We re-installed the drinking water, rainwater and sewage system. We also reserve space for cyclists. Now, cyclists will move in the area allocated to them, not on the street. In addition, the lighting system of our street is not enough. For this, we are making a new lighting system and adapting the street to its name ”.
Bedesten Bazaar next to the rose is removed from the President indicating that the morning, Kaymakkapı Square will take its place again, he added.

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