Rail Fencing Works Continues

Railway Fence Coating Works In Progress: Nazilli Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs to ensure the safety of the citizens of the Nazilli railroad tracks passing through the city continues to encircle the fence.

As part of the protocol signed by Nazilli Municipality and State Railways, the works of enclosing the part of Alsancak-Eğirdir Railway Line passing through Nazilli boundaries with iron fence continues. According to the protocol signed between Nazilli Municipality and the State Railways, the materials to be used for the fences with railings are covered by the State Railways. and level crossing arrangements were made to prevent possible accidents.

Fence of the edges of the railway fence continues Nazilli Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, starting from the west of the bridge on the Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard towards the direction of Denizli Republic, Turan and Yeşilyurt neighborhoods surrounding the edges of the railroad fences. With the work of the Nazilli Municipality, the citizens will be prevented from using the railway as a pedestrian and will ensure the safety of the citizens.

Mayor Haluk Alic, emphasizing that human life is more valuable than anything, said: “We will be able to prevent dangerous situations by turning the remaining parts of the railway line through the fences. Şehir

He also drew attention to the fact that citizens should comply with this practice for their own security and use only the transition points.

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