PKK workers opened fire on railway workers wounded 1

📩 29/11/2018 20:03

PKK workers opened fire on 1 injured: Workers on the railway line in the Genç district of Bingöl were attacked by the PKK. In the attack, one person was seriously injured.

According to information obtained, a group of PKK workers who previously threatened not to work in the evening in the village of the town of Genc Suveran ongoing construction came to the construction site. 8, who worked on the night shift, opened fire with long-barreled guns. Security forces were dispatched to the scene after the attack, and Karaca was taken to Bingöl State Hospital by medical teams.


While the health of Karaca, who was treated after the examinations performed in the hospital, remained serious, security forces launched an operation in the region to capture the fleeing PKK members. An investigation was initiated into the incident.

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