Railway worker injured in PKK attack told about their experiences (Video)


Railway worker injured in the PKK attack told about their experiences: Workers who were injured as a result of PKK attack while working in railway construction in Bingöl-Genç district told about the moment of attack.

Ahmet Karaca (65), who was injured in the attack by the PKK on the workers working in the railway construction, which is under construction in the village of Süveran in Genç district, told ILKHA in the hospital where he was treated.

“They shot my children while working in the construction of railroad for sustenance“
Karaca, who works in the railway construction in Süveran village of Genç district, said, “I am a 65 year old old person. I was working in railway construction for the sustenance of my offspring. I was not there for any other purpose. I also don't understand why I was hit. " said.

Oc What was I doing there if my child had not had a car “
Emphasizing the fact that he worked in railway construction for the sake of the worker, he explained the following: “In the evening before 17.00, I had an 2 hour. I was fixing the materials on the construction site. I had another friend. We were working together. My friend just sat there to rest. When you come to me and you rest, I thought I'd look right. Just when I looked across, I had a bullet. The place where that bullet comes from is clear. If I weren't a sucker for my child, I had a job there. Thank God I'm fine. My treatment continues for now. The bullet pierced my right abdominal cavity. The situation could have been worse. Thank goodness my health is good. I'm in my child.

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