Road to Death 8 Day Closed to Traffic

Death Road 8 Day Closed to Traffic: Zonguldak Kilis district between the town of Türkali ”Death Road ü between the so-called road, because of the work done 5 September, 7 hours off until the day remains.
The road known as X Death Road arasında between Türkali and Göbü village of Kilimli district is closed to 26 with 8.30 in the morning, 12.00 to 13.00 and 16.30 hours between noon and 7.
It is aimed to finish the works carried out by a private company on the road, where the vehicles are even hard to give way after accidents happen frequently, in a short time such as 3 month. Barriers will be made to the sides of the cliff after the road expansion work has been recorded.
Şemsettin Büber, who closely follows the works, said, in We will expand the path as soon as possible. We have our retaining walls here at 6 meters. We will relax our citizens as soon as possible. We will finish this place in a short time such as 2-3 months. There will be railings around here. It'il be from the entrance to the aperture. Barriers to the ground will be made there. We have started with 2 machine right now. In the future we will increase the machines. Our bricklayers will come. We will work that way. O
Since long years, a large number of vehicles flew to the Black Sea and this time there has been a fire in some families' homes. A vehicle on the road that can not give way to the vehicle about 1 year ago near the town of Muslu Filyos-Zonguldak passenger transportation between the bus as a result of a brake 2 people died, 36 people were injured.
Citizens residing in the towns of Türkali and Filyos made a road closure after fatal accidents last year, and shortly thereafter, road works were initiated.
On the other hand, in the village of Türkali of Kilimli, 26 removed the trees in the high parts of the road expansion works. It was observed that the citizens gathered the pieces of the wood working machines and took them to their homes.
Road expansion work will continue until September 5 and the road was closed to traffic within the specified time intervals, while the provinces and towns, villages were made announcements.


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