New ring road works began in Alanya

New ring road works have started in Alanya: The new Ring Road, which will provide uninterrupted transportation from Alanya Trade High School Junction to Gazipaşa Junction, has started.
Mayor of ALANYA Adem Murat Yücel mobilized the Plan and Project Directorate to implement the 50-Meter Ring Road Project, which is among the election promises. Alanya Municipality Plan and Project Manager İlker Şenkal, 17th Regional Directorate of Highways Chief Engineer Ayhan Leg, and Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Head of Reconstruction and Urbanization Department Hüsamettin Elmas regarding the Ring Road, which will be 50 kilometers long and 13 meters wide, doing determination work. As soon as the route determination works are completed, after the approval of the 13th Regional Directorate of Highways, a Master Urban Development Plan will be carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality.
There are many viaducts, tunnels and three large intersections on the 400-meter Ring Road Project, which will provide uninterrupted transportation without any connection with the D-50 Highway starting from Ticaret Lisesi Junction to Gazipaşa Junction. Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel said that there will be no traffic problems in the eastern region when the 50-meter Ring Road Project, which is undergoing route works, is implemented. Stating that the uninterrupted traffic flow will continue from the Commercial High School Junction to Gazipaşa Junction without landing on the D-400 Highway, Mayor Yücel said, “The 50-meter Ring Road will make a great contribution to both the economy and tourism”.

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