Ketenova Bridge Widened in Nazilli

Ketenova Bridge Expanded in Nazilli: Nazilli Municipality continues its expansion works on the existing bridge at the entrance of Ketenova District.

Nazilli Municipality, located in the entrance of Ketenova neighborhood and the four-meter-wide existing bridge to Kahvederesi and Lower Yakacik Neighborhoods to the existing bridge by adding 6 meters to 10 meters. Nazilli Mayor Haluk Alican's visit to the Ketenova neighborhood of the neighborhood residents and the neighborhood headman Ketenova Bridge narrow, bridge from the two vehicles at the same time and the bridge at the same time because of frequent accidents occurred in the knowledge that the bridge after the completion of the work of the construction of the bridge.

In order to prevent landslides and floods that occur frequently on this area, first of all, after the works started on the bridge with the installation of 600 concrete shafts in the waterways, Nazilli Municipality's Directorate of Science Affairs teams increased the width to 10 meters by making an additional bridge of six meters to the existing four meter-wide bridge in Ketenova Quarter. Ketenova Bridge will be made available to the citizens with the paving work to be carried out after the ground works carried out on the bridge while the concrete laying works of the bridge are completed. In this way, Ketenova Bridge, which is used by citizens going to Kahvederesi and Yakacik Neighborhoods, can only pass one car before the Directorate of Science Affairs completes its works and two vehicles will be able to move side by side easily at the same time.
Before the metropolitan law, the bridges on the roads that provide access to the villages in the village position were made with the appropriate means and conditions of the time; Dır The important thing is human life. In today's conditions, the number of flights to the city center has increased and the number of vehicles on our roads has increased. That's why possible accidents have increased. Considering the safety of life and property of our citizens, we have also expanded our bridge. Every pouch would be better. Her



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