Muşta Village Roads are Paving

Muşta Village Roads Asphalt: Mush Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Şeyhmus Yentür, this year the targeted 400 kilometers asphalt work continued in the central district of Bulanik, Malazgirt, Varto said.
General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration Şeyhmus Yentür, this year, the program is taking the 400 mile village road asphalt study, describing the work done, Bulanik, Malazgirt, Varto and the central district said that the work. Teams, with the warming of the village roads, maintenance, repair and infrastructure work is done by recording Yentur, said they were constantly studying the work. Yentür, the 2013 year in the country season of the remaining half of the end of the effort reported. After the winter season, deteriorating transportation in the village roads that cause disruptions that work was done by the Secretary-General Yentur, in addition to this year, the road to the preparation of infrastructure problems in the preparation of the road began to be noted.
Former General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration Yentür stated that the tender for the Üçevler security road had been done and that the works were carried out in the field with the 11 team. Yentür reminded that the work to be carried out this year will cost about 25 million liras, said: 'Üçevler work on security. In particular, this year we plan and work in the 400 mileage asphalt work continue. This year, especially Varto, Malazgirt, Bulanik, Central districts continues to work. With the 11 team, the asphalt, stabilized and road maintenance repair work continues at full speed. '
General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration Şeyhmus Yentür, considering the conditions of the season, about 25 million pounds spent in the program taken into account the desire to complete the village roads 400 stressed. Yentür stated that they made the roads in accordance with the standards and explained the work done. However, taking into account the increasing number of vehicles, we have started to work on expanding and have started to carry basic stabilized material. In a short time we will make asphalt ready. Since these villages were close to the center, they had been on the road for years. To address this grievance, we intensively concentrated our work in these villages. '
Yentür, after the end of the studies in the region will be a great relief in the transportation, 'We have work last year. This year, we spend about 25 million pounds to take the program 400 mile village asphalt road will lead. said.


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