The longest stone bridge in the world

📩 24/12/2018 16:39

Uzunköprü, the longest stone bridge in the world, is being repaired: One of the longest stone bridges in the world, which gives its name to the town of Uzunköprü in Edirne, is taken into the river. II. The bridge, which was started to be built in the period of Murat, was completed in 16 and opened to service after 1443 years of work.
The bridge on the Ergene River, one of the largest streams of the Thrace Region, built by architect Muslihittin Bey, played an important role in the transition of Turks to Rumelia. The centuries-old bridge, which is 392 meters long, 5,50 meters wide, has been shortened by about 120 meters with the accumulation of sand and miles carried by the river over time.
At present, the Sir 272 mistress has been seen Uzunkopru served for the passage of the vehicles of human and animals for centuries.
With the expansion of motor vehicles, the horse-drawn vehicles were replaced by cars and heavy vehicles. When the century-old stone bridge began to serve cars and trucks, it was repaired in 1964.
As a result of the repair, the original width of the 5,50 meter was increased to 6,90 meters. In addition, the 174 high-arched bridge, the 164 high belt is now standing. Ergene section of the big eyes coinciding with the right and left, the eyes are empty. The bridge has a total of seven draining eyes. There are a number of animal figures and plant motifs symbolizing power and strength on bridge feet and arch lock stones.
The bridge, which is still in use today, has a 2.55 meter height, a triangle-shaped 4.50 meter house and two balconies.
Edirne Culture and Tourism Manager Ahmet Hacıoğlu said that Uzunköprü, the longest stone bridge in the world, will be restored by the General Directorate of Highways. Stating that it has been serving the passage of people, horsemen and animals for centuries after being built, Hacıoğlu noted that the bridge serves motor vehicles today. Expressing that there were serious wear on the bridge over time, Hacıoğlu noted that highways also intervened in this situation. Hacıoğlu said, “The bridge can be closed to vehicle traffic and opened to two-wheeled vehicles and carriages after its restoration. We also intend to put the bridge on the UNESCO World Heritage List in the medium term. ” said.

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