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Public Transportation 29 Kurus in İzmir on 1 October
Public Transportation 29 Kurus in İzmir on 1 October

📩 21/02/2021 23:27

Anatolian Lions Businessmen Association (ASKON) İzmir Branch Vice President - Business Development and Fair Organization Commission President Özkan Yavaşoğlan made evaluations for the 83rd time İzmir Fair opened its doors. The press release on the subject is as follows:

1.635.152 people visited İzmir International Fair; 1.125 company participated. 76.452 m2 allocated to the participants; İzmir International Fair was once again one of the biggest fairs in our country.

Izmir International Fair, one of the world's most established international trade fairs, is the 29 7 2014. we are having the honor of opening their doors once.


Anatolia has been a natural bridge between east and west throughout history. Located between Asia and Europe, the Anatolian peninsula has not lost its importance in commercial transportation for thousands of years due to its geographical location. Valuable commercial goods of each period were transported on these roads. Our country, where logistics services have developed at a dizzying pace in recent years, is the strongest candidate on the way to become the "logistics center" of the future with its special location where the main trade routes intersect and its increasing commercial and economic efficiency in its region. 40% of world trade in the west of Turkey in Europe, is taking place in Asia and 25% in the east.

Turkey, Asia with gains brought about by being a strategic bridge between Europe, logistics and transfer center is an important potential in terms of transportation. The increase in the turnover of international transport, postal and courier companies registered with the Izmir Chamber of Commerce helps Izmir to grow rapidly and improve its quality in logistics services, domestic transport, customs consultancy, tourism and travel agencies. Our beautiful Izmir is becoming one of the preferred cities that can offer alternative solutions to become a logistics center with its superior geographical, economic and social opportunities that can offer both sea, land and air transport, qualified workforce at universities that provide quality education and many features.

The economic size of the logistics sector, which has the highest potential after tourism, is expected to reach 2015 to 120 billion dollars in 150. Logistics, which is determined as the main theme of the Izmir International Fair (IEF), which is preparing to open its doors for the 83rd time this year, has made serious improvements in our country in the last 10 years as in the world.

Turkey's exports and imports, maritime transport and having 50,7% xnumx'lik% in total respectively, the country's foreign trade was the most preferred shipping method. While sea transport is followed by 53,2 exports with 2010 and 40,3 import rates, road transportation is third and air transportation is third in exports and imports.

When the NORTH EGE ÇANDARLI PORT project, which is one of the biggest investments our country has made in the maritime sector, is completed, the port will be among the 10 largest container ports in the world. This port will be an alternative port in the Eastern Mediterranean to transit ports in Greece and Cyprus. Since the project is planned as a main freight port, it will be a port where ships over 200 thousand tons can dock. still no one on this scale container port in Turkey. As there is no port in Turkey before such a high draft vessels from the Mediterranean to Greece's Piraeus Port, there are also subjected to the ports of our country after splitting the load. When the port is completed, the ships will not need to stop at Piraeus port. This will be a great achievement for our country and Izmir. Goods coming through the Caucasus, Asia and the Middle East will be transported to Europe and other parts of the world with the port to be built here. It is anticipated that 200 ships of more than 1100 thousand tons will approach our new port annually.

Smaller sized vessels will dock at the second dock to be built. This place will be four times bigger than Piraeus Port, and the region will become one of the most important crossroads of maritime trade. When the port is completely completed, 4 million ships will be able to enter and exit per year. The contribution of Piraeus Port to Greece is 57 billion dollars annually. When the port, which is four times larger and more functional than the port of Piraeus, is completed, it will generate billions of dollars in revenue. With the completion of the necessary railway, road and airway investments, İzmir's transportation infrastructure will become much stronger.

In our country, where the investments in the transportation sector are mainly focused on road infrastructure, one of the biggest fleet of European heavy vehicles is in our country. With current data on the road to better itself as an important road network in Turkey is understandable: Total length km 65.623 2.127 km of road, which is comprised of our highways. This network, which grows and evolves every year, has a share of% 95 in passenger transportation in the country and% 90 in freight transportation.

Istanbul Ataturk Airport is located in the main terminal air freight and less so in Izmir in Turkey are almost no air freight carrier traffic. However, it is important that the major export potential of Denizli and Manisa flows from Izmir airport instead of Istanbul and İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport becomes the main terminal in the area of ​​air freight transport at least. This year, 83 has a very important mission with the main theme of Logistics. İzmir International Fair will tell the whole world about the investments, opportunities and potential of İzmir and will open the door to become the logistics center of İzmir.

Also. We will host 68 country in our city during the fair. 18 will be the Minister, and 5 will be represented by more than 45 country representatives from 140 countries. 43 province is also participating in our country. This year's Partner country is Mauritius, one of the most popular island states of the Indian Sea. National income per capita is over $ 1 thousand. 16 company will participate in the fair. This year, due to the agreements made by the Ministry of Economy, India was designated as the Focus country. 59 1.3 2005 10 3 56 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX lined up. XNUMX will participate with the company. The largest participating countries after Mauritius and India are Poland, Belarus and Kuwait. Our guest of honor is Diyarbakır and Malatya. Onur

We would like to express our gratitude to the Izmir International Fair and to all those who contributed to the promotion and development of our country and especially to our beautiful İzmir. We would like to express our gratitude to the Anatolian Lions Businessmen Association (ASKON) İzmir Branch and wish them continued success.

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