Asphalt Target of Konyaalti Municipality

📩 24/11/2018 14:08

Asphalt Target of Konyaaltı Municipality: Mayor of Konyaaltı Muhittin Böcek, reported that they plan to reach the hot asphalt target of over 20 kilometers during the year.
According to the written statement made by the municipality, Mayor Böcek examined the on-site hot asphalt work in the Uncalı District.
The insect stated that some asphalt pavements have been poured into the neighborhood due to damage caused by the work of some institutions in the streets.
Noting that the superstructure works carried out by the Konyaaltı Municipality teams continued uninterruptedly, Böcek stated that many executives had stopped their local infrastructure works before the elections and stated that they had no fear in this direction.
Stating that hot asphalt work continues in the streets and avenues whose infrastructure has been completed in Uncalı, Mayor Böcek used the following statements:
“This year we will build over 20 kilometers of hot asphalt. Our asphalt cost will be over 4 million lira. Our aim is to make Konyaaltı a livable and more modern city for everyone.


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