Kocamaz: Take the Mersin Monorail System by Public Transport

Kocamaz: Mersin Monorail System Public Transporters do .Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, the idea stage of the Monorail System in the public transport business, the bread-eaters of the priorities of doing it, said: "Because of the bread will be divided from them. We want them to come together and implement this system by using credit and continue to eat their bread ek.

President Kocamaz explained his views on the Monorail System, which they had opened up for the solution of the transportation problem of the city, to the reporter UAV. Monorail System is currently in the process of expressing the idea of ​​Kocamaz, the city's most important problem in their research infrastructure, then it was revealed that the transportation problem. Thousands of Mersin 400'ın over the city roaming around the draws of the attention of the Kocamaz, you can no longer see the dolmuş in the developed countries of the world. They need to be converted into more disciplined, smoother public transports. In the statement we made last week about the Monorail System, we once again presented it to everyone's attention. Geçen

The city's transportation problem to find remedies for the transfer of the Kocamaz, Mersin's roads are narrow, to make a rail system from the ground to increase the current frustration of the roads and may cause distress could be expressed. Kocamaz emphasized that they think about the Monorail System as an alternative to carry it from above, ler Then our roads will continue to be used again today. Of course there is nothing final but it will become clearer in the following days. We are investigating them already. It is a preference for narrow roads. Of course, it's going to be discussed a little more. We have already organized the meeting that day, so that the citizen information, civil society organizations to see what was done Biz he said.

Kocamaz also stated that the impressions of the first meeting were positive and underlined that after considering the feasibility of the project and obtaining the permits from the Ministries, they intend to implement the Monorail System as soon as possible. "2015 in the year of this tender is completed I hope," said Kocamaz, 3 on the implementation of the system, said they were focusing on separate methods. Kocamaz engaged in a meeting with the head of the co-operative and the room beforehand, and the Monorail System to make their first suggesting about the Kocamaz, said: bir These friends, 'Come and do it' I said. This is a project that is both lower in cost and more healthy and will not lead to an accident. A preference for him. I hope they do. My priority is public transporters. Because bread will be divided. After all, the bread is obvious. If they do it, they will continue to eat the bread. But if anyone else does, someone is a partner in that bread. If they do, they can use the minibuses as collectors from above and carry them with a monorail in Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard. We have offered such a proposal. Monorail system in this city, which makes public transport, the bread-eaters of this is our priority. Hopefully, our primary idea is that our citizens, who are engaged in public transport, come together and implement this system by using credit if necessary and then continue to eat its bread. Iyle

Kocav said that the other two methods to do as a build-operate-transfer model or municipality themselves, "not a project to be done as a municipality, but my priority is to do business with the existing transport business, from there to eat together, let our citizens eat bread," he said.

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