Kastamonu municipality used 200 ton asphalt material

Kastamonu municipality used 200 tons of asphalt material: Kastamonu Municipality continues the asphalting process within the scope of upper and lower construction works.
Stating that they will continue in the Esentepe District upon completing the asphalting works on the street of Kırkçеşme Street in Cebrail District, Kastamonu Municipality Science Director Bertаn Özеren said that the works of paving and paving in Kuzeykent District and in many parts of the city are continuing. He noted that the biggest need of the city was met with the Moderrn Asphalt Plant established by Kastamonu Municipality and that 200 tons of BSK (Bituminous Hot Mix) produced in this asphalt plant are used. Özeren pointed out that the city's roads, called BSK (Bituminous Hot Mixture), are covered with high quality asphalt and made more well-groomed, more beautiful and aesthetic, and we will complete the remaining works in the Northkent District after completing the works in Esentepe District. However, we will be tendering the y-line paint in the near future. We will draw the roads and lines of the asphalting parts we make. After that, we aim to complete pedestrian crossings before leaving schools. Our parquet works continue in the area where Ahmet Dede Cemetery is located. '
Explaining that they have used 200 tons of asphalt material so far, Özerеn also stated that they have signed the contract for parquet flooring of 55 thousand square meters and said, 'We have started the parquet works now.'
Özeren, who stated that they will start building colored pattern asphalt in the disturbed areas during the natural gas study in Bakırcılâr Bazaar, 'Apart from these, we will be working on the colored pattern asphalt related to the environmental arrangement of our schools. In the competitions that are determined by the Mayor Tahsin Babaş and organized among the schools, the schools that enter the degree will be given priority. We will make these schools, asphalt and their surroundings in color. At the same time, it continues in our environmental arrangement in the Faculty of Education. All of our works will continue as long as the seasonal conditions allow. '

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