Karşıyaka Asphalt Work

Karşıyaka Asphalt Work: Teams affiliated to Kırıkkale Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs Karşıyaka started asphalt work in the neighborhood.
So far, 18 street and street surface coating work has been done. Karşıyaka The cluster will continue to work throughout the neighborhood, including the area where the cluster houses are located. Our Mayor Mehmet Saygılı came to the area where the works were carried out to see the work of the asphalt team on site and to obtain data.
Data (information) about the studies were given by Vice President Vedat Genç and Science Director Kürşat Altop. Later, people who saw President Saygılı in their neighborhood expressed their gratitude for the asphalt work. Our Mayor, Mr. Mehmet Saygılı, stated that the work will continue by spreading to all neighborhoods.


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