Works on Asphalt Roley Tank in Karate

Works with Asphalt Roley Tank in Karate: Accelerated by the law of municipalities 6360 connected to the neighborhood asphalt work in the villages of Konya's central district Karatay District Municipality, entered a fast pace of work, the new asphalt Roley Tank and the tow truck added to the service vehicle.
Karatay Mayor Mehmet Hançerli, who made a statement on the subject, stated that the teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs were located in Karakaya Quarter and that the first surface covering works started on the 26 kilometer part of the 15 kilometer road connecting the Ereğli ring road to Aksaray. Stating that the works are faster and more efficient with the addition of the Asphalt Roley Tank and tow truck, Hançerli stated that this road surface is an important transition route especially between Ereğli and Aksaray ring roads. Migration, Karakaya, Divanlar and Akbas neighborhoods that connect both the road as well as the roads in the inner surface of the recording of the work continues to record President Hançerli, 6360 has given the fruits of the law and such studies will continue to increase, he said. Stressing that fresh water dispensers, on the one hand, surface covering, children playgrounds and different activities will provide the best service to their fellow citizens as soon as possible, Hançerli congratulated his team and especially the residents who took the road.
The residents of the neighborhood who reported their opinions about the studies, met with the metropolitan law, the service of the neighborhoods, especially the ruin of the ruin of the realization of the houses, fresh water storage, drinking water, the construction of children's playgrounds, the creation of green areas and roads asphalted with a very busy work pace Karatay Mayor Mehmet Hançerli and his team thanked.
Karakaya District Headman Mustafa Karapinar, thanks to the new metropolitan law with the efforts of addressing the shortcomings of the neighborhoods to the President Mehmet Hançerli'ye thanking the center of the Karatay Municipality themselves were not distinguished from the neighborhoods, he added.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:01

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