Asphalt road request in Karapınar

Asphalt road request in Karapınar: The residents of Yeşilyurt and Fatih Neighborhoods in Karapınar want the 2-kilometer road to be asphalted within the boundaries of the neighborhood.
Highways 3. Citizens made request for the asphalting of the stabilized road belonging to the Regional Directorate.
Fatih District Governor Esvet Taspinar in his speech, as the road paved for asphalting but they did not get a result, he said.
Two people living in two neighborhoods 4 Taşpınar, said:
“When the vehicles pass this road, the dust generated by them disturbs people. Nobody can open his door, window. He cannot eat on his balcony. In addition, the dust prevents the trees from growing. We tried to make our voices heard to the authorities, conveyed our problem, but did not get any results. We want to take our rights through democratic means. It is the most natural right of people living here to live in a modern way. "
The residents of the neighborhood stated that they were disturbed by the dust cloud that occurred during the passing of the vehicles and that they wanted the road to be paved as soon as possible.

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