Here are 10 number oil sellers on highways

10 number fat sellers on the highways of the last days of the burning of the buses in the last days of the '10 number oil' nightmare can not be prevented.
Intercity D-100 and D-650 '' often have '10 number oil' signs on highways. Although known as hydraulic oil, 10 used as fuel in the vehicles, although the number of number of recent increase in the number of fat is specified in the last period.
On the highways in Sakarya and Izmit more than 50 number of places on the 10 number oil sales were found, the '1.5 liter 4 lira' signage at the site where a bus stop and the bag was taken oil hoses.
Research done by a fuel distribution company in a time ago, only one day in the town of Pamukova 10 thousand tin 10 number oil appeared to be sold. 16-18 liter tins of various brands or 10 sold in bulk as tin price 28 and 35 pounds ranged.
D-650 highway from Adapazarı-Pamukova-Mekece route 20 on the 10 number of fat selling place, while the less traffic D-100 highway Adapazarı-Izmit between the 10 number of oil sales point was less.
Meanwhile, 10 fat sellers, '10 only sell fat number,' he said that they did not sell solvent-mixed fragile fuel.
However, some of the workplaces in front of the parked minibuses, allegedly found the solvent was claimed to be in the vase.
The Supreme Court, except the fuel oil, mineral oil, base oil, solvent, naphtha-like products converted to '' fugitive oil '' in the scope of counted.
7 Legal Department of the Supreme Court of Appeals 2 10 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX solvent, mineral oil and base oil, asphalt, solvent naphtha and similar petroleum products are within the scope of illegal oil 'decision.
Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO) Chairman Mahmut Kösemusul stated that they carried out research on the number 10 oil and said that the sales of mineral oil under the name of 'number 10 oil', most of which took place as an unregistered and unlicensed activity, reached very large volumes. "We witnessed that these sales points, which operate like fuel dealers on urban and intercity roads, and new ones are opened every day, proliferate like mushrooms."
Noting that number 10 oil, which is accepted as a base oil in the sector, has seriously damaged both the environment and the country's economy in terms of tax, Mahmut Kösemusul said: “There is a legal obstacle to prevent this practice, in which the country suffers approximately 1 billion dollars of damage annually. It is known that the use of number 10 oil and solvent mixture as fuel in vehicles is widespread. It is known to damage the engine. In order to prevent this, an inspection should also be done. We have worked hard to create public opinion and fight officially. We carried the problems related to the fuel sector to all relevant institutions in Sakarya and Ankara, to the Presidency of the TBMM Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources Information and Technology Commission. We also contacted authorities such as the Provincial Environment Directorate, the Provincial Directorate of Industry and Trade, the Gendarmerie Command Smuggling Branch, the Police Department, and the Smuggling Branch and expressed their suggestions for solutions.


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