Istanbul-Izmir high-speed train project continues

The Istanbul-Izmir high-speed train project continues rapidly: AK Party Vice President of Promotion and Media İhsan Şener stated that the Presidential candidate and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be in Balıkesir tomorrow as part of the Presidential election campaign, and said that he will address the public at the rally.

Reminding in his written statement that Erdogan described Balıkesir as "the city of Kuvayi Milliye, heroes and scholars," Şener said, with this love, Şener loved transportation, communication, education, health, justice, forest, energy, environment, , agriculture and livestock, sports, tourism, foundations, technology, KÖYDES, sports, universities and more than 10,5 billion Turkish lira investment and support in 12 years.

Emphasizing that Balıkesir exports what it produces, Şener continued as follows:

“In 12 years, production and exports have grown exponentially. In 2002, Balıkesir exported only 90 million dollars of the product it produced, while this figure has now reached 650 million dollars. Foreign trade volume, on the other hand, increased 6 times from 185 million dollars to 961 million dollars. While the tax paid by Balıkesir was 2002 million lira in 328, it increased to 2013 billion lira in 1,6. While 2002 people were employed with the organized industrial zones built in Balıkesir until 590, a total of 2013 thousand 7 people were reached as of 313. The numbers also show that Balikesir kazanwhile, in our country kazanWhile Balıkesir is growing, Turkey is also growing.”

  • Suspension bridge in Balıkesir and İzmit Bay

Explaining that investments are made in Balıkesir in all areas of transportation, Şener stated that the works of Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir highway, which is important for Balıkesir, are continuing.

Şener, who said that the suspension bridge, one of the rare works of the world in the Gulf of İzmit, was built, said:

“A passenger departing from Istanbul will cross the Izmit Bay with this suspension bridge and will be able to reach Balıkesir in a very short time. Istanbul-Izmir high-speed train project continues rapidly. This high-speed train concerns 6 million people in 25 provinces, including Balıkesir, Bursa, Bilecik and Kocaeli. Izmir-Istanbul travel will be reduced to 4 hours. The high-speed train line will also change the fate of the cities on the route. It will be 331 kilometers in total. While 2002 kilometers of divided roads were built until 76, the total divided road distance was increased to 2002 kilometers with the investments made between 2013 and 484. In addition, Balıkesir's road network reached 238 kilometers. "

Şener said that the producer was given record support and that 12 has been paid a total of 1,4 billion pounds in the year.

Şener emphasized that the support of livestock in Balıkesir increased 12 times in 23 years and said, “While 2002 million TL was supported until 7, this figure increased to 169 million TL during the AK Party government. We protected our producers in all areas of agriculture. With irrigation projects carried out in 12 years, 322 decares of land was opened to irrigation. Abundance came to Balıkesir, the agricultural city. The Manyas Dam, which could not be completed since 770, has been completed. Havran Dam started to give life to the fields. "Ardıçtepe Dam, which will irrigate 1994 thousand decares of land, is under construction."

Stating that Balıkesir has a large share in the investments made in education, Şener continued as follows:

“The crowded classroom period in secondary education was ended with the newly built one thousand 520 classrooms. The training period started in classes of 29 people from 22 students. In addition to free books, tablet computers are now available. In 12 years, Balikesir University opened 11 faculties, 2 institutes, 16 vocational schools and 5 schools, including the medical faculty, and the number of students was increased from 2002 thousand 14 in 972 to 38 thousand.

  • Tourism in Balıkesir

Şener emphasized that with the investments made in the field of culture and tourism in Balıkesir, there has been an explosion in tourism.

“The bed capacity of accommodation facilities with operating certificate, which was 2002 thousand 7 in 10, increased to 2013 thousand 8 in 311, and the number of people staying increased from 303 thousand to 1 million. 6 thousand 64 houses, 1 high school, 7 primary schools, 1 kindergarten, 1 kindergarten, 4 hospitals, 2 health centers, 8 mosques, 11 trade centers, 2 gymnasiums, 1 library, 1 hostel, 1 fountain, are located in Balıkesir by TOKİ. 1 social facility kazanyelled. In 2003, Balıkesir met with natural gas. Within the framework of the social assistance program, 10 thousand 15 people were provided with aid for our children to study, 6 thousand 885 women whose spouses passed away, and health insurance for 74 thousand 942 poor citizens. On the other hand, 24 elderly and disabled citizens were paid home care salaries.”

Turkey's era skip expressing Sener, continued his explanation:

“Our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the reason why the era has jumped in every field in the 12-year period. However, growing in all areas of Turkey, unity of our people, to live in unity and peace was disturbed by someone over 12 years. At different times, attacks were made with different methods. It was here with Prime Minister Erdogan, Turkey's goal to prevent going forward. For 12 years, we have a successful Prime Minister who has been spending his energy on industry, trade, development, prosperity and social peace. Turkey today is a Syrian, an Egyptian, not a service made seeing the future of our nation Ukraine and disrupt the polls seeing game. 12-year struggle of our beloved nation Turkey and the new owner of the target will be further strengthened by the President. "

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  1. In fact, if the railroad passed through the Osmangazi Bridge instead of the highway, a direct train connection would be provided between Istanbul and Izmir. In addition, trains would come to both Yalova, Gemlik and Bursa, and by constructing Yalova-İzmit, Bursa-Bandırma, Bursa-Bozüyük lines, railway connections were established between Ankara and Yalova, Gemlik, Bursa and Bandırma and between Bursa-İzmit. That opportunity was missed.