High-speed comfort between Istanbul and Ankara

High-speed comfort between Istanbul and Ankara: High-speed train that reduces Istanbul-Ankara to 3.5 hours; comfort by airplane, competing with the price bus. Those who bought their tickets 3 days ago travel to Ankara for the 27 lira, while high-speed trains run at an 95 occupancy rate.

High Speed ​​Train (YHT) projects are no longer a dream. It's not that far now. There are 12 flights between Istanbul and Ankara with YHT and 6 is transported to thousand people. Especially high-speed trains, which are of interest to businessmen and engineers, compete with aircraft in time and comfort. Re-organized train times in Eskişehir, Ankara and Konya, such as cities for daily meetings, conferences and training was the new choice of businessmen. High-speed train services are available with a percentage of 95 occupancy. The train departs from Istanbul and after a short time like 1 crosses the bay and arrives at Sapanca station. The train, which continues at an average speed of 110 km until that point, increases its speed to 250 km after Arifiye. Even at this high speed, the train has the slightest vibration and travels comfortably without noise. Breakfast is served after Izmit station and you can enjoy tea while walking at 250 km speed. When you buy a ticket with passenger.tcdd.gov.tr ​​and mobile TCDD applications, you can get on the trains with the message coming to mobile phones. 3 discounted percentages if tickets are received the day before the trip 50. There is an 5 extra discount on internet sales. It is also possible to travel to 27 TL with teacher, student discounts.
No seat belt

Seats are designed from a wide and comfortable material in trains, unlike airplanes and buses, due to the lack of skid and air gap, a safe journey can be made without a safety belt.


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