Asphalt Work at İpsalada

Asphalt work in İpsala: District Governor Gürbüz: "Grader hired by the Special Provincial Administration started working in Kocahıdır village today"
Tevfikiye attached to the town of Ipsala road asphalt work began.
Governor Mehmet Ali Gurbuz, AA correspondent said, asphalted road, Uzunköprü, Karaağaç, Tevfikiye is the connection road to the villages and said that they receive complaints from time to time due to the disorder of the road.
Gürsüz stated that they started to work on the 5 kilometer road within the scope of the project prepared by the İpsala Villages Union.
“The road built within the scope of the KÖYDES project is one of our priority roads. Season is the best time for asphalting in terms of seasonal conditions. The grader hired by the Special Provincial Administration will start working in Kocahıdır village today. Gereyder will go to all villages within the program.


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