How fast is the fast train

How Fast is the Fastest Train? 250 km / h? 300 km / h? xnumxkm / s? Or more?

It was the middle of the 1990. University 3. I had to make a documentary as my term project in the classroom and I chose railroads as my subject. I've always been interested in trains since I was a child, and it was no surprise that my first film was under the spot. Turkey's first high-speed train adventure have encountered while doing research for a documentary and I was so surprised. We always hear and envy high-speed trains abroad and admire the rail network in developed countries.

Unfortunately, almost completely stopped since the investment in railways Turkey xnumx'l year. Although some projects have been developed from time to time, no progress has been made. But in 1950 a very important step was taken and the foundation of Ankara - Istanbul Speed ​​Railway was laid by Demirel. Unlike the current Ankara high-speed train line, the project was not wandering around Eskişehir and following a straight line. So a much shorter trip was planned. But it was a geographically difficult area.

For this purpose, the trillions were spent with the money of the period in Ayas, a little outside of Ankara, tunnels were built, but the project was not walking. When I prepared the documentary, I had a chance to see those tunnels and I was astonished. Dozens of governments have passed from 1976 to the present, but for some political reasons, those tunnels were left behind to decay (after the trillions of our taxes).

While Europe and the Far East countries have made significant progress in high-speed trains, we met with them in Ankara - Eskişehir line that was completed in 2009. Then the Ankara - Konya line at 2011 and finally the Ankara - Istanbul line opened last week (although it is not yet fully completed).

Undoubtedly these lines are very important investments. I think that the AKP government is the least criticized side of the railways. Until now, no government has made investments on railways. High-speed train lines and very important for the Marmaray project in Turkey.

But when compared to the world, we can't even say Ama Is our speed train really faster? Ama. Wouldn't it be possible to build faster railways by investing a little further into the future when it was made from scratch?

250 km speed / s and over the world is considered to be a high-speed train. This is the moment of our limit. Ankara - Istanbul line can make maximum 250 speed. Ankara-Konya line of 300 km / h speed and new train sets will be taken with the speed that will be. But especially Turkey's two biggest metropolis is much faster and in a short time would have to be connected.

Today, many high-speed trains used in Europe, Japan and China can climb 300 km / h and above. TGV trains used in France, 2007 up to 574 km / h has broken the record on the standard rail.

Again, Japan, China and Germany have made significant progress in the area of ​​Maglev Trains, which are moving on the magnetic field instead of the standard rail. In the 2003 in Japan, in the test phase, the Maglev Train, which reached 581 km / h, holds the record in this technology.

China's record for high-speed train construction. By converting high-speed trains into a very important investment move, the Chinese government only built a high-speed train line near 6 km per year. He plans to double this investment in a few years. The Maglev train connecting the Shanghai airport to the city saw the 11.000 km / h on the test run.

Of course, such a large construction move in a short time has brought a huge debt burden and corruption.

Let's look at the future.

Fast trains will undoubtedly be the means of transport for the future. Being fast, comfortable, economical and eco-friendly can cause many even preference to replace aircraft. Many countries such as Turkey continues to invest in it.

Investments in Maglev trains continue. He is currently investing in Germany and South Korea on Maglev trains, which are used to a small extent in China and Japan. Japan plans to connect between Tokyo and Osaka by Maglev until 2045.

There are also dream pajamas; Elon Musk's creator of the SpaceX project is Hyperloop, which now looks like a dream. Hyperloop, the technology of which is now a theory, will consist of capsules that will travel in a pipe or tube. The project, which can carry both people and cars, is claimed to reach 1220 km / h. Thus, the 570 km Los Angeles - San Francisco line can be covered in 35 minutes.

Undoubtedly, technological advancement is not provided. Turkey's investments to be made in the future needs to be a little radical thinking.


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