People on the high speed train line attached to a whistle

On the high-speed train line, people's life depends on a whistle: due to the incomplete completion of tunnel construction at Mekece-Adapazarı section of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line, the train continues its flights from the old line. But an application in the town of Alifuatpaşa reveals that the safety of life is ignored.

There is neither an underpass nor an overpass in the passage that divides the town into two and even opens for pedestrians. In the passage, where there is no signalization system and barriers, the life safety of the townspeople is entrusted to an officer who blows the whistle when the train arrives. However, those who want to pass while the train is coming give the officer a hard time. Warning signs are of the kind that will be the subject of anecdotes. One sign states that the pass is dangerous and forbidden, while the other sign has a 'controlled pass' warning. Citizens react to the situation.

Tunnel construction in the new railway line between Mekece and Adapazarı could not be completed within the determined time in the YHT line, which started the flights between Adapazarı and Istanbul with the delay. Workers in the tunnel construction recently stopped work on the grounds that they could not get their money, and had taken the construction machinery hostage. TCDD, in order to avoid the delay in this part of the old railway route has re-opened the line. However, the new arrangement in the town of Alifuatpaşa is experiencing great hardship.


The arrangement made even divided the Alifuatpaşa town of Sakarya's Geyve district, where 8 thousand people live. The 150-year-old safe level crossing that previously connected the town was closed. The barrier that closes automatically while the train is coming has been removed. The rails were surrounded with fences for YHT. The old level crossing was opened to pedestrian traffic by removing some of the wire fences due to the fact that there is no other pedestrian path that divides the district into two. There is neither a signaling system nor a barrier in the passage. The security of the pedestrian path depends on an officer who warns by blowing a whistle when the train passes. Since the new road built for vehicles to cross three kilometers away is also very narrow, especially at the intersection, vehicles have to violate lanes.

The warning signs hanging in the passage do not match. One sign says 'Attention level crossing, barriers do not work, pass in control', another sign reads 'It is dangerous and forbidden to cross the railroad'. In addition, 'Attention Railway! There is a stop look wait pass' sign.

The closure of the old safe passage and the division of the town into two caused the residents of the town to react. Businessman Ali Küçük said that the closure of the safe passage caused damage to the economy of Alifuatpaşa as well as the danger posed. Stating that an underpass to be used by vehicles and yachts should be built here, Küçük emphasized that they have suffered since 20 July and that people's lives depend on a whistle in this very dangerous passage.

A tradesman named Burhan Özen is on the YHT line; He said that they used the old line as they could not be put into action on the promised hour and day. Özen said: “They promised the nation, they said 'we did', they said 'we will open it', as an election campaign, they put the high-speed train on this old road, and they divided Alifuatpaşa in two. Our mosque is downstairs, our schools are downstairs, and there are about 3 thousand people above. These people must pass through here. Tradesmen cannot do business with the division of the town into two. "

Citizens passing the line are aware of the danger, but they have to go through a day because of their daily work and no other remedies expressed.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 16:59

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