Great danger in the high-speed train line

Great danger in the high-speed train line: The population of the Republic of Cumhuriyet which is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Izmit, with more than 7 thousands of people, we traveled together with the headman of the district Mustafa Yaman, we saw both the made and learned the expectations of the people of the neighborhood.

The Head of the Republic, Mustafa Yaman, the Municipality of Izmit, they work very well in harmony, so that many of the neighborhood is complete missing, he said. Muhtar Yaman, ine Izmit Municipality management, the people of the neighborhood would hear a lot. As in previous years, this year we are already experiencing the excitement of celebrating 29 October Republic Day in our neighborhood. Geç

In the Republican Quarter, the work for the High-speed Rail was a major problem. The new railway passes through the middle of the neighborhood. The pedestrian bridges over the railway were renewed. Muhtar Yaman said that these pedestrian bridges are very steep, and the elders in the neighborhood have been forced, saying that they want an escalator or an elevator. The fact that the new pedestrian bridges in Gülşen Gülbaş and Aydın Street are still incomplete is a problem.

A wire mesh is drawn on the rail side to prevent pedestrians, especially children, from entering the High Speed ​​Rail. But the wire mesh is half unfinished. Some areas are on the edge of the railway. Muhtar Yaman said, “We are afraid that the pedestrians will be under the train. We want these wire fences to be completed as soon as possible Bu.


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