Highway Reaches Menemen in August

The highway reaches Menemen in August: The highway which connects to Çandarlı Port, which is under construction as well as Aliağa, which has facilities such as Tüpraş and Petkim, and which extends to Çanakkale, has turned into a torture. 150 km between Izmir and Ayvalik, 5 drivers go to the hour, the complaints 2. Regional Director Abdulkadir Uraloğlu'na reached.
Uraloğlu stated that the highway between Izmir and Aliağa, which is the daily average 40 thousand vehicles, is now consumed and that the highway is the only solution, until the end of August, the section will be opened for traffic until Menemen. Uraloğlu, li Çiğli 2. The 8 km section of the motorway, which ends in front of the Main Jet Base Command, will be opened and reached Menemen. In addition, the 6 kilometer section was auctioned. This part of the viaduct construction will be a bit too heavy due to the completion of 2017. We are trying to include the remaining 57 kilometer section of Çandarlı until next year. If it is taken into this tender program, then we will end this path with all our energy. Troubles will be finished. Especially we want to finish the section up to Aliağa. Because we're having a lot of trouble up to that part. Our drivers have a hard time. Sür



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