What happens to Haydarpaşa?

TCDD Applies to Privatization Administration for Haydarpaşa Port
TCDD Applies to Privatization Administration for Haydarpaşa Port

What will happen to Haydarpaşa: For years, Haydarpaşa has been the name of Anatolia's gateway to Europe and people's hope. It has hosted unforgettable scenes of Yeşilçam movies. It was engraved in everyone's mind with the phrase "I will beat you Istanbul". Today, he is waiting for the answer of how his future will be.

President of UCTEA Chamber of Architects Eyüp Muhçu said, “It would be incomplete to continue the discussion only through Haydarpaşa. Because, within the scope of the project, the concreting of a public space larger than 1 million square meters means eliminating the port and station function in the region and closing some parts of it to the public. In addition, the distribution of surrounding areas such as Yeldeğirmen, the distribution of the people living here to other places and the destruction of the cultural and social structure are on the agenda ”. This century-old work, which was put into service in 1908 as the beginning of the Istanbul - Baghdad Railway line, has always been an indispensable part of Istanbul. He witnessed many events. It was used as an arsenal during the first world war and was caught in flames as a result of sabotage. Then, the stained glass was damaged in a marine accident in 1979. The historical station, which was restored in accordance with the original, was once again caught in flames in November 2010, as we will all remember. But during all these periods, veteran station has always been Anatolia's gateway to the Marmara Sea and Istanbul. In February this year, the trips were stopped for two years due to the works carried out within the scope of the high-speed train project. Nowadays, this historical station is remembered with the Haydarpaşa Port project. Actually the debate started 8 years ago. Since 2004, non-governmental organizations have opposed the project by saying "it does not carry public benefit, it destroys natural and historical values, it is against the principles of urbanism and national and universal conservation law". However, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the "Haydarpaşa Port Protection Master Development Plan" recently. The first digs will be shot after the tender process is completed. Haydarpaşa Train Station and its immediate surroundings, one of the symbolic values ​​of Istanbul and an important element of urban transportation, have been registered as the 1st group cultural assets that must be preserved with their historical and cultural values ​​and are considered by UNESCO as an indispensable asset of the Istanbul skyline . In addition, this area can be used as a gathering and distribution center in the Anatolian side of our city, which is waiting for an earthquake, and is the only area where the region can contact the world with its sea and rail connection.

So what is the Haydarpaşa Port project that has caused such controversy and objection?

When the Haydarpaşa Port project was first brought to the agenda in 2004, the area was planned to be like "Manhattan" and to build seven skyscrapers. After the reactions from the public, it was announced that this was abandoned. Then, the construction of Haydarpaşa Train Station as a hotel came to the agenda. Again, when the objections were raised, it was said that the ground floor of the station building will continue to be used for transportation purposes, although this was not completely abandoned in the plan. According to the Conservation Master Plan approved by the IMM Assembly in the past days, the historical station was separated as a 'Cultural Accommodation and Tourism Area'. However, there is no clear statement about what will happen. According to the project in accordance with the approved plan, the area of ​​1 million square meters will turn into a sea of ​​concrete. 'Salacak, Harem Bus Station, Harem Port, State Supply Office, Haydarpaşa Train Station, together with the enterprises belonging to TCDD, from Et Balık. Kadıköy The part up to Moda will become a huge tourism and trade center. Apart from that, a new cruise port will be built in Haydarpaşa, which will be closed to the public. In the region, which is planned to be a "trade and tourism" center, four religious facilities will be built in addition to structures such as culture, tourism areas, accommodation facilities.

Haydarpaşa Train Station, Port and its immediate surroundings have been registered and protected as an "urban and historical site area" with the decision of the Istanbul V Numbered Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board, dated 26.04.2010 and numbered 85, due to their originality and environmental values. However, officials say this does not pose an obstacle for the planned project. IMM Zoning Directorate officials say that the disagreements between them and the Conservation Board regarding the protected areas have been resolved and the plan has been finalized.

Public Opinion

Society for the City and the Environment Haydarpaşa Solidarity, composed of a large number of professional chambers and non-governmental organizations, gathered after the adoption of the project and evaluated the situation.

On the subject of the Chamber of Architects Istanbul Büyükkent Anatolian Branch Chairman Saltık Yüceer said that no one knows exactly what is actually in the project. Or There is another sound from every head. It's called a culture and tourism center. It's called a museum. Nowadays, we ask the public to decide together. Bugün

Head of TMMOB Chamber of Architects Eyüp Muhçu describes Haydarpaşa Port project as follows: Ey The transformation to be carried out under the name of Haydarpaşa Port project covers a wide area. Only the continuation of the discussion through Haydarpaşa is incomplete. Because, within the scope of the project, 1 means the concreteization of a public space of more than one million square meters, eliminating the port and gar function in the region and closing some parts of the area. In addition, the distribution of surrounding regions such as Yeldeğirmen means the distribution of the people living here and the destruction of the cultural and social structure. In addition, it is not clear whether there will be a fate of the port and port workers working in the Haydarpaşa Station and Port. Therefore, as we said at the very beginning, our historical, cultural and strategic presence, Haydarpaşa Gar, Liman and the backcourt; We will continue to advocate that it should be planned in accordance with the universal protection rules and law with the care it deserves, in order to be protected with all its values ​​and function and to be transferred to future generations open to the equal and unconditional use of society. "

The latest appeal date for the approved project, 13, said they would file a lawsuit before October and called on all professional chambers and democratic mass organizations to be involved in the case.

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