Haydarpasa Train Station to Walk for Peace and Friendship

Haydarpasa Train Station for Peace and Friendship to Walk for: The World Languages ​​Center and Earth People Foundation Foundation, the world friendship will be carried out in order to consolidate 'Istanbul to Cairo World Peace and Friendship Walk from the front of the Haydarpasa Train Station announced that they will start.

. World Peace and Friendship Walk from Istanbul to Cairo eri will be organized to support peace in the world. Announcing the march to the public with a press statement in front of the Eyup Sultan Mosque, the Center for World Languages ​​and the Foundation of Friendship of the Earths, Selamettin Tellioğlu said that the March of Friendship from Istanbul to Cairo will start in front of the Haydarpaşa Train Station in 26 August at 12.00.

In the press statement, Selamettin Tellioğlu, who recently criticized Israel's policy on Palestine, invited the citizens to a peace march.

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