Train Whistles Will Be Heard Again in Haydarpaşa


The restoration project of Haydarpaşa Train Station was accepted . According to the project before the Board of Monuments, Haydarpaşa will host cultural activities as well as being used as a high-speed train station.

Haydarpaşa has always been the place of separation and reunification, has brought joy and sadness with its trains. Haydarpaşa was the place where those who loaded their belongings on their backs and migrated from Anatolia to Istanbul stood on their stairs and challenged Istanbul, where bride and groom posed, serials and movies were shot, and staff rushed to the ferry from suburban trains to catch up with their jobs. Its historical structure was the history that continued its life with its bookshelves, cabinets, tables, chairs and armchairs for the 2nd Abdulhamid and Ottoman periods. In any case, Haydarpaşa has always been important to us. When the roof started to burn in November 2010, our hearts came to our mouth. In June 2013, for the maintenance and repair of the rails, Haydarpaşa-Pendik suburban train services were silenced when there was a 24-month break, a longing came and sat in our hearts. Then, the news that Haydarpaşa Train Station will be a hotel and a shopping mall will start to circulate.

The good news is that, as Yeni Şafak Pazar, we give it to our readers. The restoration project of Haydarpaşa Station Building was accepted by the Board of Monuments. The tender was made. Due to the contract, the site was delivered. Kadıköy Work will begin after the license to be issued by the municipality. According to the restoration project, Haydarpaşa Station is neither a hotel nor a mall. It will continue to serve as High Speed ​​Train Station, provided that its historical structure is preserved. Apart from this, the idle roof is restored and divided into cultural functions such as museum, exhibition area, library, meeting and conference hall. So Haydarpaşa will now meet the public. It will become a center not only for transportation, but also for cultural functions. The projected completion time of the project, which has been tendered for 12 million 473 thousand TL, is 500 days. With the project, existing parts of the station building will be functional. Topkapı Palace, Sultanahmet, KadıköyA very large space with a great visual that extends to will be opened for use.

The project envisions the restoration of the fire-damaged roof, the exhibition area, conference hall, cafeteria as well as consultation, offices, archives, and toilets. The usual elevator inside the building will be renewed, a new elevator on the long arm. Fan-coil system will be installed instead of the existing heating system. Incomplete or damaged decorations will be completed and cleaned. Ceiling and wall plaster and paints will be renewed. Maintenance and repair of wooden elements. Contaminated, mossy parts on the facades are to be cleaned by reasonable methods. The missing, destroyed, broken stones will be supplied and repaired.

Haydarpaşa has been standing since 1908

Haydarpaşa Train Station was built during the reign of Abdülhamid 2. It was held in a contest with the most successful architects from all over the world for the construction of Haydarpaşa Train Station, with the intention of being a magnificent structure that will make a sound in the world. Among the meticulously studied projects, a decision was made on the presentation of two German architects: Otto Ritter and Helmuth Conu. A German organization called Anadolu Bağdat undertook the project. More than a hundred masters from Germany and Italy were brought to Istanbul. The works, which started on May 30, 1906, were completed on August 19, 1908 and Haydarpaşa station was opened with a magnificent ceremony.

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