People will decide the construction of cable car in Hamburga

The public will decide on the construction of the Hamburga cable car: The referendum will determine whether the cable car will be built, which will add attraction to Hamburg and solve the traffic problem.

Thus; Hamburg, which is known as the gateway to the world, which has many sights like the Elbe river, the harbor, the tunnel, the bridges, is now surrounded by the excitement of the ropeway.

Hamburg's Mitte municipality is opposed to the last decision for the cable car 24 August people in Hamburg will give the referendum.

He was formerly Minister of Science and Research of Hamburg, and is currently a federal lawmaker. The initiative was created under the leadership of Herlind Gundelach. The initiative prepared a Turkish Newsletter for Turkish citizens to vote on the referendum in order to build a ropeway.

The bulletin, which includes interviews with well-known and expert people from the world of business, art and media, provides information on what the ropeway means to Hamburg, its profit, its image, its charm, and even whether it will cost it.

Wilhelmsburg and St. The cable car that will connect the Pauli districts on the port of Hamburg will offer passengers the opportunity to see the city from above, as a project that will give the city a distinct charm and will be a resort to the intensity of the traffic as it will be included in the urban public transport as well as the interest of the guests coming from outside the city.

The ropeway with two opposing stops will work with ecological electricity and will be able to operate up to wind speed of 10 knots. The cable car, which is expected to carry 3 thousand passengers in one direction per day, will have an annual capacity of 950 thousand passengers.

The 10 will not make a single penny from the city safe for the cable car, which is planned to be built within the scope of the project.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:36

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