75 Days Left to Light in Göcek Tunnel

75 Days Left to the Light in the Göcek Tunnel: The 1965-meter-long Göcek Tunnel, which was first built in 2005 by the Muğlali Public Works Minister of the period, Haldun Menteşoğlu, was opened by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in July 2006 and is 970 meters long. The twin will see the first light after 868 days.

The foundation of the Göcek Tunnel was laid by the Minister of Tourism of the time, Erkan Mumcu, in March 2005. After the tunnel, which was built as a departure and arrival from the single tunnel, the state decided to build the second tunnel with its own means instead of the build-operate-transfer model like the first tunnel. The twin of the Göcek Tunnel, which was put out to tender by the company, started in August last year. EM10 Yapı, the subcontractor of the second tunnel, which was awarded by the joint venture of Genisyol-Dogan, carried out excavation support work in a year.


100 worker is working day and night drilling in Göcek twin tunnel. While 868 meter of 548 meter tunnel is completed in drip section, 320 excavation support work will be completed within 3,5 month. Göcek Twin Tunnel, Tunneling works will be completed in the middle of December.


Investigating the construction works of the twin of Göcek Tunnel, AK Party Muğla Provincial President Nihat Öztürk said: “The end of the tunnel will appear in 2-2,5 months. The tunneling works continue by both Göcek and Dalaman. Our citizens waited 50 years to merge between Dalaman and Göcek. The first tunnel was built with the instruction of our Prime Minister in the period of Ak Party government and was opened by our Prime Minister in 50. Now, the second tunnel is only to provide a more comfortable passage for our citizens, more importantly, to provide a free pass. ” Explaining that the construction of the second tunnel started in August last year with the instructions of the prime minister, Öztürk completed his words as follows: “This tunnel is progressing silently. The construction of the first tunnel was very difficult. The people of the region were very happy when it was opened. Because the most remarkable part of this tunnel is the opening of the first tunnel as our Prime Minister and our candidate for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who will open the second tunnel with the title of President. On August 2006, our Prime Minister has a Mugla rally. on behalf of us. "


With the introduction of the first of the Göcek Tunnel, which has been promised to be built in each government period for years, but has not been realized in any way, transportation has fallen from 25 minutes to 45 seconds to 1 minute. 3 times in terms of energy, four times advantage in terms of energy, reducing the route from 800 thousand 970 meters to 33 meters. With the construction of the second tunnel, the citizens will only pay for passages from Dalaman.



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