Erdemli Municipality continues its asphalt works

Erdemli Municipality continues its asphalt works: Erdemli Municipality continues its road opening, expansion and asphalting works.
Erdemli Municipality is very successful in road paving, widening and asphalting, Mucerrem Tollu, Mayor of Erdemli, emphasized that this success was appreciated both in district history and regionally. Underlining that the best road work in the region is given by Erdemli Municipality, Tollu said that the fastest road work was given during their periods when the history of the district was taken into consideration. Stating that the municipal teams are currently working in Karahıdırlı and Tömük Yeşildere neighborhoods, Tollu said, imiz Our neighborhoods are witnessing the service they have not seen during their history. Our citizens appreciate this situation and inform us of their satisfaction with prayers. Working for Erdemli is working for the public. To work for the people is to work for the rights. This opens the door for us to be Allah's approval. This honor is enough for us. We will continue to take all the services that people need wherever they are human. In doing so, we act with worship consciousness. We will never give up on this understanding. Because there is no end to the works whose purpose is not Allah's consent, it is far from blessings.
Mayor Tollu said that if the citizens were a little patient, they would hit the seals on the stone of Erdemli and all of our neighborhoods. Stating that the paving works are continuing in Karahadırlı as well as new road works, Tollu said that there are many houses without roads and said, “It is a shame for us to have corrupt houses in this age. Even if a person needs a road, his position does not matter the distance, Erdemli Municipality takes service there. Our understanding is the concept of insan Erdemli Municipality where people are there ”. We will solve all the problems within a program without sacrificing our citizens ”.


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