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No stop asphalt continue: Metropolitan Coordinator Hüseyin Güney, after the Ramadan Feast of the village in the old neighborhoods will continue asphalt reported.
ANTALYA Metropolitan Municipality Alanya Coordinator Hüseyin Güney made a statement about ASAT collection offices and card and mechanical meters. Saying that they have received various requests regarding card counters from some neighborhoods, Güney said, “Among these requests are also complaints about the payment problem. Card counters can only be filled in our branch in Alanya. However, it takes some time to integrate the card counters that were purchased in some towns to the new system as they belong to different companies. We continue our work on this subject. But we can install mechanical meters instead of card meters for citizens who demand. We do this easily by charging a small replacement fee. Mechanical counters can be installed in towns as in all Alanya ”.
Citizens of water bills payments from the internet, banks, PTT branches or bus station and the government office, the guardian of the ASAT said that the South, "Card counters in the central office next to the bus station is only filling in Alanya," he said. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel'ın supported by many of Alanya (a former village) road asphalt and improvement work stating that they do Hüseyin Güney, all Our road works for a short time because of Ramadan Feast, but we stopped after the holiday, we gave speed. We will finish the missing places as soon as possible. There were some roads in the Konaklı District that had to be made, we will do them now. Then we will asphalt a road in Mahmutlar Neighborhood. Ardından

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