The construction of the cable car to revive the plateau tourism in Denizli continues at full speed

The construction of the cable car to revive the plateau tourism in Denizli continues in full gas: In Denizli, the accommodation and recreation facilities and the cable car construction continue in Zeytin Yaylasi, where the metropolitan municipality has been brought to life and to benefit from the alternative tourism opportunities of the city. In the project, where the site delivery was completed and construction started last year, the starting station of the cable car was completed, the concrete and construction works of 9 of the 6 poles of the line were completed, and the upper station came to the stage of completion.

In Zeytinli Plateau, which will be implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality with the support of the South Aegean Development Agency of Denizli, in order to activate alternative tourism areas of Denizli, which has 2 ancient cities visited by 19 million tourists annually, the construction continues at full speed. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan went to Zeytinli Plateau and examined the works and received information.

Osman Zolan, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they attach importance to alternative tourism resources and said, “We are trying to get more of our city from tourism by evaluating alternative tourism resources such as winter tourism and plateau tourism, as well as our values ​​that have thousands of years of history such as Pamukkale and Laodikya. The Cable Car and Olive Plateau Project will be a complex. Our visitors, who reach the Olive Plateau by cable car, will enjoy the nature in the camping areas with tents and bungalows. Our people who will feel the coolness of this plateau in summer will enjoy the snow in the same region in winter. ”

With the project, the 1700-meter cable car line that will go from Bağbaşı District to Zeytinli Plateau, single and family type tents, 30 bungalows, 10 local product outlets, buffet, country restaurant, country coffee, administrative building will be built in Zeytinli Plateau. In the project, the construction of which started, the starting station of the cable car was completed and it was made ready for roof mounting. Concrete and construction works of 6 posts of the line consisting of nine poles have been completed and the construction and concrete works of the upper station have been brought to the completion stage. 8 cabins with a capacity of 24 people will serve in the cable car.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:35

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