Crane Overthrown on Rail, High Speed ​​Train Trips Canceled (Video)

Crane Overthrown Crane, High Speed ​​Train Flights Canceled: As a result of the overthrow of cranes and containers to the railway, Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train services were canceled.

After the High Speed ​​Train stayed on the road due to an electrical malfunction last week, the trains could not pass as a result of the overturning of cranes and containers on the railway at a container port in Körfez District. In the statement made by TCDD, "The 200-ton crane was overthrown by the effect of a severe storm, so the line was temporarily closed to train traffic." It was said.


During heavy rain and storm at a container port in Körfez District around 17.00:XNUMX, cranes and containers were overthrown by the railway. The High Speed ​​Train, which departed from Istanbul to Ankara, was immediately warned and stopped on the way.


In the meantime, passengers waiting at the Train Station in Izmit to go to Ankara started to be transferred by bus from Izmit to the train station in Arifiye District of Sakarya when the train from Istanbul could not pass.


The General Directorate of State Railways made a statement about the suspension of high-speed train services in Kocaeli's Körfez District as a result of the overturn of cranes and containers on the railway. The written statement made included the following statements:

“Today at 17.05, the 71-ton crane belonging to the Marmara Shipyard, which is located near Körfez Station, at kilometer 50 + 200, was overthrown by the effect of the severe storm and the arms of the crane fell on the railway. In addition, the information was received on the line that trees fell down and containers were scattered due to the storm. Due to this incident caused by the severe storm, the line was temporarily closed to train traffic. YHT passengers waiting in Arifiye due to the incidentKadıköy By bus to reach the metro; Passengers of trains in Ankara direction will be transferred from Pendik to YHTs waiting ready in Arifiye by buses. The scenario will be applied until the crane is lifted or even energized. Continuous information is provided to our passengers and the public on the subject.



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