New ways of transportation in Çorum

Transportation in Corum was relieved in new ways: It was stated that the transportation to the city was facilitated by new roads made by Çorum Municipality. It was emphasized that municipal teams continued to work on asphalt and pavement and that disabled people were also considered in these studies.
The asphalt paving works of the Çorum Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs continue. The teams are working overtime in Buharaevler District and Üçtutlar District.
Buharaevler where the teams work hard 20-23- 25-27. A total of one thousand 431 tons of asphalt will be laid on the streets. Citizens who are disturbed by dust due to the effect of the wind, especially in the evening, on the streets in Buharaevler District, are very pleased with the work. Pointing out that the transportation will be relieved, the residents thanked Mayor Muzaffer Külcü and the municipal teams for the works.
Three tents are renewed
Çorum Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs has removed the worn asphalt and sidewalks that have not changed in Üçtutlar Street for years and renewed the street from the beginning.
Çorum Municipality, which has laid asphalt for 225 meters long Üçtutlar Street, has laid asphalt 50 meters from Camikebir Street, 120 meters from Karakeçili Street, 1 meters from Osmancık 115. Street and 110 meters from Alaybey Street. With these works, 1030 tons of asphalt pavement was made in Üçtutlar District.
The pavements have been renewed in order to provide easier and more comfortable transportation of pedestrians on these streets and streets where road works are done. 1300 m2 pavement in the area, 700 meters in the border pavement, which makes the Çorum Municipality disabled ramps, visually disabled embossed roads completed by offering the service. With this work, the streets and streets are still more useful for both vehicles and pedestrians.



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