Construction of new ring road in Moscow

Construction of the new ring road in Moscow has begun: The construction of a new dı ring inşa highway has been started in Moscow outside the MKAD ring road, whose borders have been extended to include districts (oblasts). The construction of the new ring road, called the ılan super project Halka, is planned to be completed within four years, with the investment cost of 300 billion rubles (about 8,3 billion dollars).
According to the Vedomosti newspaper, the construction of the first leg of the 49,5 kilometer in the TsKAD ring road in Moscow began. The tender for the ring road was given to Stroygazconsulting.
2018 billion rubles from the National Development Fund for the construction of a freeway planned for the 73,8 World Football Championship; billion rubles were allocated to the source.

The total length of the 525 will find the kilometer and the speed limit of the ring road that will be within the 20-86 km to MKAD is planned to be determined as 150 kilometers per hour.
It is stated that TsKAD will have a capacity of 70-80 thousand vehicles per day.



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