YHT hours changed did not match Polatlı

Modified YHT hours did not comply with Polatlı: YHT hours were changed with the start of YHT flights between Ankara and Istanbul and the reactions of those living in Polatlı gathered. Citizens expressing that they could not find a train suitable for their arrival and departure times, said: lam The number of those who go to Polatlı is too much. The cost of the train is 170 TL per month, while the cost of the bus is 500 TL per month. That's why they moved from Polatli. Bu

With the start of YHT flights between Ankara and Istanbul last month, the arrangements made for the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) expedited citizens living in Polatlı. Previously in the morning 07.35-08.35-09.35-09.45 and in the evening 18.30-19.00-20.45 Polatlı stance of the YHT'lerin with the time of the new timetables and Polatlı postures were changed.
Eskişehir, Istanbul and Konya flights YHT'nin, Polatlı station of the citizens of the hours of work to go to work and turn to the hours of return to the citizens of Ankara Hürriyet'ye transfer, iş the people who live in the most intense use of YHT Polatlı does not have an appropriate time. YHT Polatlı'ya return to work and return from work does not fit dönüş criticized.


Thousands of students in vocational high schools of Hacettepe and Gazi universities told that they had to go to Polatlı every day and said, her In addition to students, there are about one thousand people living in Polatlı. The number of people who travel to Ankara every day and people from Ankara to Polatlı is very much in the works. The lack of timetable hours makes thousands of people suffer, Se he said.


Another dimension of victimization is economic, referring to the Polatlilılar, found the following criticism:
Iyor Train times go to work or those who are not eligible for a return from work are heading towards the bus. While the monthly cost of YHT is about 170 TL, those who have to choose the bus are faced with a large amount like 500 TL. Hundreds of people moved from Polatli because of the lack of YHT hours. If the authorities do not correct this situation, more people will have to move from the district. Yet


Citizens living in Polatlı, Ankara and Istanbul moving at 19.00 YHT and 06.40'de moving in accordance with the opening hours, the Ankara-YHT'in Konya-Ankara demanded to stop in Polatlı.


Polatili citizens going to the direction of Ankara in the morning hours, 07.17 Eskisehir YHT'ye can depart from the county. Next time the next time to the 10.05'dan Konya YHT'dan from Polatlı'dan belongs. In the evening, the citizens going to Ankara from Polatlı Ankara Xidum'dan 18.10'dan up to Polatlı'dan Konya YHT can use. The next train hour is the Eskişehir HVS which is departing from 18.45 in Ankara and reaching to Polatlı in 21.20. Citizens who will go from Ankara to Polatlı in the morning use Eskisehir YHT, which departs from the district in 21.56. Next time, the next time the YND in Konya is YHT. In the evening hours, there is no problem for the citizens returning to Ankara from Polatlı. 07.06-09.55-19.05 trains departing from the district goes to Ankara.

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