Çerkezköy Governor Kubilay: TCDD officials have overwhelmed

Çerkezköy District Governor Kubilay: We Depressed TCDD Officials. Tekirdag Çerkezköy District Governor Metin Kubilay stated that they had met with the railway authorities about the start of the train services and said, "We have overwhelmed the officials of TCDD Regional Directorate, so to speak."

Çerkezköy Governor Kubilay in his press release clarified why the train service did not start. Çerkezköy Stating that they have done all the necessary work for the train station to be operational again Çerkezköy District Governor Metin Kubilay said, “As the district governor, one of the most emphasized issues is the resumption of train services. As the District Governor, I follow the matter closely. Since September 2013, we have carried out all the necessary follow-up procedures both in the Provincial Coordination Meetings and in the meetings with TCDD Regional Directorate. We shared all the information we obtained with the public through the press, ”he said.

Çerkezköy Pointing out that the Train Station is a very important issue for the future of the district, District Governor Metin Kubilay said, “In the previous statement we made on the subject, we stated that in the light of the information obtained from TCDD Regional Directorate, train services will start as of June 2014, at worst, as of August 1. . But it didn't happen. We met again with TCDD Regional Directorate. It was stated that there was a delay due to the construction of infrastructure work projects, the disagreement on the platform section, the fact that the 3rd and 4th construction sites could not be established as required by the contract, and the implementation project in the landslide area has not yet been completed ”.

In the written statement made by the officials of TCDD Regional Directorate, it was stated that the infrastructure works will be carried out until October 25, and the district governor Kubilay said, “Our train services will start right after. "We want to organize our first time with our friends from the press."

Underlining that they are constantly in contact with the TCDD Regional Directorate on the issue, Kubilay said, “We were almost overwhelmed by the TCDD Regional Directorate officials. They also want this job to be completed as soon as possible. In this context, I have no doubt that our people will also protect this project, which is of great importance for our district ”.

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