Examination from Çalık to Karahan Tunnel

Investigation from Çalık to Karahan Tunnel: AK Party Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık said that despite the difficulties experienced in the Karahan Tunnel on the Malatya-Kayseri Highway, the left tube was opened, and the right tube remaining 175 meters would be opened in early 2015.
Deputy Çalık, Karahan Tunnel by examining the work, received information about the latest developments. Çalık, who made the transition in the left tube with the party members in his hand, said The tip of the tunnel was seen, it was a serious heart wound for us. When we became deputy in 2007, the most important road network project to be solved in front of us was Malatya-Darende-Kayseri-Mainland Highway which brought Malatya with the west. Unfortunately, when we mentioned the construction of the Karahan Tunnel, unfortunately, the excavation was carried out in the ground survey, and the contractor firm left the 2 sentence in the contract. Having a floor that can move about half a meter a day has caused the tunnel to extend to this day. But thanks a thousand times. We entered from the left tube. The tunnel is now visible. Our thousand 670 meters in the left tube is completely opened. A closed area of ​​175 meter was left in the right tube. As per the 2015, it will be opened in the right tube. X
Çalık, milyon The works including the ventilation, signaling and lighting of the tube were carried out together with the Erkenek Tunnel and the tender was done together with the amount of 32 million TL. Malatya people rightly ask for the Karahan Tunnel. We got a lot of criticism. We received criticism due to the delay in our investment. Now the Karahan Pass will be passed through this tunnel, Artık he said.

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