Buses in Bursa

Buses in Bursa Under Control: After the accident bus accident in Bursa, Turkey inspections occurred in recent days has increased in general.
Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and Bursa Provincial Directorate of Security Directorate of Traffic Branch Inspection teams, increased 10 number of oil and bus trucks against the use of exhaust gas emission measurement. Teams, 10 number of oil drivers who used oil. 2 vehicle was inspected on 50 hourly inspection in Ankara road in front of Directorate of Highways. In the audits conducted, the drivers checking the drivers' licenses and the licenses of the vehicles also looked at whether the buses were exhaust stamps or not. Police teams on the bus, citizens said, lar We will do a check on the bus. Do you have any complaints? Her he asked. Citizens, in recent days by drawing attention to the increasing accidents, expressed their satisfaction in Bursa buses.
Buses that pollute the air with gas exhausted a thousand 755 pounds of fines, while those who do not have exhaust stamp 875 was given a fine. On the other hand, a large amount of 3 liras was fined on a public bus that exits the exhaust emission average 755.
Bursa Traffic Branch Supervision Directorate Crews Amiri Faruk Güneş, who made a statement on the subject, said: “In recent days, Istanbul and Ankara have lost their lives in the accidents involving buses. We make inspections about drivers' errors and the use of 10 number oil. We checked a public bus right now. There is a dense smoke in the exhaust. The Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization writes the necessary penalties. Our citizens are more able to breathe clean air and travel safely. We're working for that. Life safety of our citizens is paramount for us. Vat
Authorities, in different regions of Bursa every day 2 hours exhaust emissions measurement, said that the controls will continue.



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