Bozdağ Ski Center Works Very Fast

Bozdağ Ski Center Activities Very Fast: This winter ski tourism is an intense effort to open in the village of Nikol in Tavas' Bozdag Ski Center located in the center of the technical devices are placed.

In order to host Denizli's ski tourism, the construction of the ski center in Bozdag in Tavas is continuing. In Bozdag, where the works for speeding up to this winter are accelerated, technical devices, which are the sine qua non of a ski resort like ski lifts and ski lifts, are installed.

Tavas District Governor Ali Arıkan and Mayor Turhan Veli Akyol will visit this site frequently and will be ready for this winter. President Akyol finally visited the region with the participation of Tavas Forest Operations Manager Yusuf Büyük Akçalı, he checked whether there was a problem, received information about the works.