Uludag on a bicycle

Bike ride to Uludag Cable Car Attention: Bursa, nature and winter tourism, which is one of the most important centers of Uludag with the bicycles to the group that want to use the cable car is surprised by the price application.

Wages that were raised in the past months were set to be more intense by the time of August than by those who loved cycling. 08: 00: 10: One way 00: 10: One way between 10 hours 00: 17: One way between 00: 50: 17: 00 Updated as TL.

Adem Gur who is engaged in nature sports, the athletes who are committed to this work at the same time the definition of the Uludag, other countries by providing the service of attaching bicycle transport apparatus, specifying the convenience of authorities to provide support, he said.