I know in the municipality I have poured asphalt in front of his house

Someone I know at the municipality, I have asphalt in front of his house: Two people in Adana were detained on the grounds that they defrauded the citizens of a thousand TL by saying "I know someone in the municipality, I can put asphalt in front of his house.
According to the information obtained, the incident took place in the Hürriyet District of the central Seyhan district. Müslüm D. (9), who allegedly had 41 records for fraud, went to the citizens without asphalt in front of his house and said, “I have known people in the municipality. "If you pay a thousand liras, I will have asphalt in front of your house. Thereupon, a citizen from Hürriyet District believed in Müslüm D. and gave a thousand lira to be paved in front of his house. However, despite the weeks passed, he went to the municipality when the asphalt was not poured. Municipal officials said that the asphalt was not poured with money, it was a service. Hearing this, the citizen applied to the teams of the Adana Police Department Public Security Branch Directorate, Pickpocketing and Fraud Bureau. The police took the suspect's copy from the complainant.
The police started to investigate Müslüm D. because the suspect, whose identity was taken, resembled the person who defrauded 500 lira from a citizen with the same method in Ceyhan district of Adana two weeks ago. Meanwhile, the complainant said that there was another person with the suspect. Thereupon, the police caught the two suspects while driving in a rented car on Turgut Özal Boulevard. The police had the complainant identified the suspect.
In 2007, Müslüm D. went to the residences saying “I am a TEDAŞ officer” and said, “I am TEDAŞ's leak detection officer. Stray electricity is used in your home. However, I will not report this, you will give me 300 liras, ”but it was also revealed that the citizen did not believe and tried to lynch Müslüm D.
Muslum D. and Faruk T. (29), who allegedly helped him, were charged with fraud.
On the other hand, the suspects did not want to get out of the police vehicle for a while when he saw the press members ashamed.



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