Kocaeli subway project lies in the heart of the President

Kocaeli subway project lies in the heart of the President: I generally accept and like the Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu as a big brother. This personal love of the President does not prevent me from criticizing myself in the matters that I see wrong or wrong when I do my work. I know that in my criticism of any expectation, is sure that there is no intent, does not break.

Long alone at times sohbetWe have the opportunity to do more. The president wasted himself on the afternoon of last Wednesday. We haven't talked alone in a while. He came to the newspaper. A tea sohbetWe dived into the lair.

Sometimes, the President draws the bottom of the subjects with very thick lines. I am proud to know that it is because of the trust that the city puts me in the agenda and the issues it wants to discuss. It's kind of like a meeting on Wednesday.

Sohbet He often drew the topic to the "Metro" ground, while I was trying to draw topics in some political magazine. He said:

Kocaeli is growing very fast. Every year 50 is attending a new population of thousands. We have passed 1 million 700 thousands. In 2023, we'll be over 2.5 million. 2.5 is a city with a million inhabitants and a large city on a world scale. We're doing constant surveys. We know the problems of the city, the people. People choose us for what they love and trust. But surveys show that the people of the city have very serious problems in transportation. He wants this problem resolved. Bu

The President's determination is extremely accurate. It is possible to reduce the traffic problem in this city to a certain extent by making the necessary intersections with the necessary places. But the biggest problem is the person who wants to go in traffic even within two steps of his own private car. This is a state of grief. The problem is the problem of public transport. Mayor Karaosmanoglu, they can not solve this problem, the public transportation in the province of both quality and expensive, people are suffering, complaining, complaining. He put his head through the middle of this five-year-old problem. Its big dream is to do the ün Metro ım. He continued:

In fact, the 4-5 years ago I have opened the Metro issue for Prime Minister Erdoğan. He told me that Metro is too expensive to invest in, but it is too early for Kocaeli. At that time, maybe he was right. But now the Metro for Kocaeli is definitely needed. On the one hand I started feasibility studies and project studies. The 1 kilometer of the metro costs an average of 50 million TL. This is a cost that exceeds the power of the Metropolitan Municipality. State support is a must: I think that Metro is a necessity for every platform in every platform in Ankara. Until 2023, we can make the most part of Kocaeli Metro. We have to do. I need the support of the whole city. Bu

This is very sincere what we did with President Karaosmanoğlu sohbetI want to bring something that I feel and find very important to the agenda of the city for the first time and share it with the public.

As the most ambitious project for the municipality of İzmit before the 30 March elections, Tramway project was shown. Even the tram cabin from Bursa was placed in the Anıtpark and this tram station was the subject of polemic in local politics. When the president began to explain the subject of the subway, he said, “First you start the tram business. Başkan Karaosmanoğlu said that if the city knew that the public would not be criticized too much for his political rivals, I felt that he was ready to give up this tram business. The President said:

Tram related projects are ready. Finally, I want to report from the University, scientists There are difficulties in the table. We have to get the tram through the Walkway. But scientists say that in the 15-20 year, all the plane trees on the way to the Walkway could dry out because of this tram. There are also very large infrastructure investments under the walkway. For the tram, you have to take them out and put them elsewhere. Cost is rising a lot. If the trekking route is going to go away, and those age-old plane trees are going to be destroyed, it will be more rational to focus on the subject of Metro than the issue of this tram. I think that there is no rule that every promised project in the election periods will surely come to life. Dönem

Yes, I understood this. Mr. President, “This tram business is not a good job. Let's give it up and give our weight to the Metro. Biz

I think it makes sense. The metropolitan municipality's metro project covers the 34 kilometer route between Yarımca and Uzuntarla in the first phase. Im Let's start with this. If we do 2 kilometers every year, we can solve the city's transportation problem to 2023 by far. "

For Izmit, the walking path, especially the historic plane trees at the edge of the walking path is worthless for nothing. Mayor Karaosmanoğlu is aware of this. We can all hang together in this Metro business. Today urban transport is so distressed, clogged. Consider 10 year after year. We're not going anywhere.

Do you know what I want? .. I know this article reads anyone interested in politics and city issues in this city. Today or tomorrow, the most competent names of the opposition parties in our city, representatives of the largest civil society organizations in this city should come out, en Give up the Metropolitan Tram. All the power to work for the subway. We go out (30 promised a tram before March. Why don't you? You tricked the people) we will not make cheap policy. I think for Izmit, there is a historical step for Kocaeli. The President's hand relaxes. This freak gets out of trolley work, and we'll take a subway to the 2023 for at least one 30 kilometer.

I asked the President, ”Let's get into the subway business, if you jump in the 2015 elections and leave us in the middle? Başkan I asked. ”Nothing like that,“ he said. Başkan The people of this city have chosen me as Mayor for five years. I'm not leaving this mission before five years are over. Then we think. Asında

Here, very special and important information from the first and most competent mouth. The President is very excited about Metro. Sefa Sirmen 20 said the only solution Metro is years. Let's hug this Metro rope together. Otherwise, 3-5 will not be able to go to Yenipaşa from Yenidoğan in this city after years.



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