Heel Setting for Women from Chair

Heel Adjustment to the Pavements for Women from the Mayor: Ümit Uysal, Mayor of Muratpaşa, explained his work and future projects. Mayor Uysal stated that it is not suitable for wearing high-heeled shoes as there are cobblestones on the pavements and said, “The thin heels of women's shoes are getting between the paving stones. Sometimes there are injuries. "We started pavement works in Etiler and Meltem neighborhoods." The president also said that they submitted their projects to the Conservation Board in order to transport the people of Muratpaşa to the sea, 7 of them with elevators from 5 points.
Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal shared his activities and services with members of the press organized by Lara Balıkevi.
Reminding that he took office with the members of the council with the support of the people of Muratpaşa, Uysal said: “We promised to complete the Kırcami plan during the election period. We promise very hard. We promised in a binding way. We prepared a draft for April. We opened the thousand-draft plan for discussion. By holding meetings with the public, non-governmental organizations and related chambers, we distributed the five thousand and one thousand to everyone. We will give the plan the final shape by synthesizing the shares. We are planning to refer it to the commission in the September parliament. We want to make the plan in November. We are planning that within that month, the thousand plan will be passed by the parliament. "
Uysal stated that park and garden works are continuing in 27 points in 150 decare area in the district and said, “We have completed green areas in 11 points. The areas that we divide as parks and sports areas have a property problem. Private person also has land. "We take urgent places without expropriation," he said.
Transfer of information about the work of the Directorate of Science Affairs President Uysal, said:
“We detected two problems in this area. Asphalt quality was very poor in some neighborhoods. Due to the overlapping of asphalt, the elevation rose and caused floods. We scraped the asphalt, passed a milling machine and worked on the asphalt. We took asphalt to places where there were no roads. It is not suitable for wearing high-heeled shoes as there are cobblestones on the pavements. The thin heels of women's shoes are caught between these paving stones. Sometimes there are injuries. We started pavement works in Etiler and Meltem neighborhoods. It is a problem for luggage for chairs and strollers to carry loads with wheeled apparatus. Therefore, we tried to make flat pavements and tried to find the most economical one. We are paving with colored asphalt. We have been experimenting for 3-4 months in Etiler district, Meltem neighborhood. The cost increases by removing and installing old pavements. Citizens have a belief that "Every visitor is dismantled, contractors are getting rich". We will cover the old pavements with coating material and make it flat. "
Ümit Uysal stated that efforts continue uninterruptedly to bring Muratpaşa to modern closed marketplaces and continued his words as follows: “We have Middle East type market places. We have crammed, dirty market places with crowded shouts. We are not worthy of this. We realize clean, spacious, decent marketplaces. At this point, you will see that the very wide corridors of the market in the Çağlayan neighborhood, which we have reorganized, are sparkling and there is no shouting. We will soon put a mobile nursery on that market. The market places will reach the same standard in the coming period. The newly built marketplaces will be built for multiple purposes. Every marketplace will be closed until 2017. We will complete all markets. "
Underlining that they produce human-oriented services with the understanding of social municipality, Mayor Uysal said: “The Directorate of Social Assistance Affairs will start helping disadvantaged groups 7-24 very soon. The elderly, the disabled, and our citizens who receive home care services will be able to receive services whenever they want. We will have a team that will constantly find solutions to their problems. The seniors' home study is about to be completed. One-day old people can be left there. We renewed the police headquarters and divided it into 7 police stations. Our work for an effective police will continue. "
President Uysal stated that they want to determine the usage scheme of Kaleiçi and present it to the whole world.
Reminding promises between the promises of choice, 'We will not stay with us' President Uysal said:
“We hold unscheduled meetings in a neighborhood every Wednesday. We are going to the feet of our people. First we convey the municipal services, then we listen to the problems of our people. We gather mukhtars every two months. We identify the problems. Some problems are easy to solve, while others require medium-term work. We discuss the problems every two months. "
Sharing information about the Adalya Foundation, Uysal continued his words as follows: “The foundation has acquired a transparent appearance. You can review all of his work on the internet. The search for a nursery place continues. The Adalya Foundation can do 3 kindergartens at once. But there is a problem at the building point. We ask those who have areas around which a nursery can be built to inform our municipality. On the other hand, our foundation will provide scholarships to university students who will be determined by an independent commission. "
Uysal, the summer sports schools in this period, the 3 thousand 500 students received training, the winter will continue and these schools will continue to increase the capacity of the next year gave the good news.
Underlining that they have started to work on the solution of visual pollution, Ümit Uysal said, “We have a problem with visual pollution. We get opinions from non-governmental organizations to see if we can achieve a color harmony in the district. Measures are easy in new places, but there are problems in old ones. Satellite antenna, air conditioning and other materials cause visual pollution. "We will put into practice the solution of this problem in terms of being beneficial to our city."
Stating that the Municipality Sports Club was restructured, Uysal continued his speech as follows: ığ Businessman-dominated management was formed. We went into the wrestling branch. We support women's football handball. We want to support the unsupported sports grounds. We want to create a love of sport and art, we want to have their education. Ve
Explaining that the electrical transformers will be painted with murals, President Uysal said: “We will paint with white plus cold colors. European-union / ”target =” _ blank ”class =” tag ”> We have created a unit in the municipality regarding European Union funds and domestic funds. We will be demanding. We set up an expert office, 3 people work. We received funds for our first project, 'Age Friendly Cities'. "
Stating that they received various opinions on how to use the completed Meltem Bazaar, Mayor Uysal continued his words as follows: “If there is a restaurant with a neighborhood, it will smell”. We go to a referendum to see if a trend will emerge. We will be able to identify the approach. As a result of that trend, our people will decide whether the area will be used as a restaurant, a café centered on students, a laundry room or a social area for the disabled. The decision of our people will be our decision. "
natural gas is coming.
Uysal underlined that they carry out the cleaning and maintenance of all places of worship, and that they closely follow the funeral procedures and that they are religious officials to perform all kinds of burials. Pointing out that they met with the contractor company at the point of getting natural gas to the district, Ümit Uysal stated that by the end of 2016, everywhere in Muratpaşa will have natural gas. Touching on the employment issue, Uysal said, “There are thousands of applications for us. We are faced with heavy employment demand. It is difficult for you to afford this from the municipality. There are enough applications to establish 3 more municipalities. We established an employment office. We work in coordination with İşkur. We employ citizens as needed, ”he said.
Noting that they have eliminated the veterinary staff deficit, Uysal said, “Sterilization efforts intensified. We will reduce the number of free animals to a minimum within three years. We will reserve a special section in the parks for animal lovers. We will make free animal corridors. Those who want can walk from places with animals, where there are no animals, ”he said.
Providing information about the services to be made by President Uysal, said:
“Animal lovers will be able to leave them as depositors. Animal lovers out of the province will be able to leave their animals here. Amusement parks, we will bring all schools to the traffic park. We will open tea gardens, hobby gardens, public laundries, type mukhtar houses and taxi stands, common ATMs, indoor market places and sports halls, condolence centers. We will build 4-5 swimming pools. There will be no one who cannot swim in Muratpaşa. "
Uysal, "Each unit is excavating separately, how will you prevent this?" gave the following answer to his question:
“At this point, we are planning to do a coordinated work. We would like to hold a joint meeting with TEDAŞ, natural gas and ASAT officials. So that each visitor would not excavate separately. I invite our institutions to the meeting on Thursday, September 4 at 14.00:XNUMX. "
Uysal, "Will there be an arrangement for the carriages?" He replied: “It is not appropriate to completely remove the carriages. But we have to prevent cruelty to animals and use it in appropriate areas. We will focus on maltreatment and working without paying attention to nail sensitivity. "
Mayor Uysal, "How will Muratpaşa reach the sea?" He said the following on his question: “We applied to the protection board about descending from the cliffs from 7 points to the sea. It is not such a comprehensive planning. We prepared a plan without disturbing the natural structure. Since it is a natural protected area, the approval of the projects is very strict. We made a plan to reach the sea from 5 points, 7 of which have elevators. We made an application as a municipality. We are waiting for the result. "
President Uysal, indicating that the county's 500 kilometer street, two-thirds of the streets aimed to renew, he added.



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