President Ergünden Salihliye Bridge Gospel

The Good News of the Bridge from Mayor Ergün to Salihliye:Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün urgently needed two bridges in Salihli that were in bad condition. kazanHe gave the good news of two new bridge projects to the people of Salihli by taking it among the three plans.
Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün, who visited a district every week and determined the problems on the spot, met with the citizens in Salihli district. President Ergün greeted the citizens one by one after the Friday prayer at the Hamidiye Mosque, and distributed pocket money to the children. Shaking hands with citizens and tradesmen, Mayor Ergün met with Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda and city council members at lunch. Mayor Ergün, who obtained information from Kayda about the works of Salihli Municipality, sent Bizim Ev Restaurant, which is operated by Salihli Municipality, to Salihli. kazanHe also thanked those who resisted.
After the meal, the town of Salihli for years waiting to be a solution to the Alaşehir River and the bridge over the Gediz River President Ergün gave good news. Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda with the opportunity to examine the bridge in question Cengiz Ergun, Salihli gave the good news that the bridges will be renewed. Speaking that they will start the legal process as of next Monday, President Ergün stated that the requests on the health care of the Alaşehir River and the two bridges on the Gediz River were conveyed to them and stated that they would be urgently addressed to prevent any casual loss of life.
President Ergun said: plan The plan files on the bridges of the provincial administrations were transferred to us. Today we have the opportunity to examine the bridges. The two bridges, the so-called bridges, must be handled urgently. The mentioned point covers the connection road between Salihli and Akhisar, which has not been constructed since the times and places where the population is tight. We will implement this project as soon as possible because it is located within the borders of the municipality. For these two plans, the cost of 5 Million TL arises. We immediately initiate the procurement process. In the next week, at the first meeting of our transport coordination center, we make decisions on the determination of alternative routes. If the bid does not go wrong, the tender will be completed in two to three months. About three months later, we will come to the contractor for the submission of the place. I hope we will come to Salihli again in the spring to open these bridges. İn
President Ergün said that the bridges were included in the priority investments and said: alın We will do whatever we can to make this issue. Because the bridges are too bad. No one can give anybody to account for it if they get lost. This puts this project among our priority urgent investments Bu.
Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda expressed his gratitude for the urgent need of the program and thanked Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of the Municipality of Salihli, for his account. . We are more than happy to receive support from you. I thank the people of Salihli for not being turned back. Mr. Cengiz change Manisa with the help of the chairman.

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