Bridge at the Main Headquarters 12 Meters Expanded

Bridge in Basiskelda 12 Meter Expanded: Damlar District Hacı Aslan Street, the width of the bridge from 6 to 12 meters to the end of the construction work was approached. Teams laying the rainwater canals of the bridge where the concrete is thrown will then throw asphalt.

Continuing to improve the areas needed in Başiskele, the teams took precautions on the bridge on Hacı Aslan Street in Damlar Mahallesi, where the vehicle drivers were in danger.

Başiskele Mayor Hüseyin Ayaz, who examines the works on the bridge where rainwater lines are connected, said, “Our works continue at every point in the district in order to provide the services needed in the highest quality and to serve our Basiskele people.”




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