Giant railway investment

Giant railway investment to Aydın: At the end of the second meeting of Efeler City Council, a project from the 3rd Regional Directorate of the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise, which will be in the interests of the Aydınlıs, was shared with the council members.

In the official letter sent to Efeler Municipality, the State Railways 3rd Regional Directorate requested 1/1000 scale application development plans to be used in these studies, stating that a second line will be added to the existing İzmir-Aydın-Denizli railway line. The request of the 3rd Regional Directorate of State Railways to demand reconstruction plans from Efeler Municipality for the construction of a second line on the existing Izmir-Aydın-Denizli railway line, has opened the railway line in the city to discussion. Members of the CHP, AK Party and MHP made a common opinion in the Efeler Assembly to pass the railway line passing through the city from the south. As a result of the removal of the line passing through the city, the new railway line will start in Incirliova and pass south of the city and will be connected to the old line in Serçeköy. The railway line in the city is planned to be used as “Urban light rail system route”.

Expressing that the project is revolutionary, Özakcan said, “This request and the project, which came from the 3rd Regional Directorate of the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise, is a revolution for Aydın. I believe that the railway that passes through Aydın will be taken out of the city as in the plan, which will be a common project that we will all accept. I am of the opinion that all our people, especially our councilors, should protect this project, regardless of any political party distinction. I want to carry out the work on this issue together in the coming periods. ”

Informing the councilors about the project and the project's benefits to Aydın, Efeler Municipality Development and Urbanization Manager Ayla Yüksel said, “In the Plan Explanation Report, the railway and maritime physical infrastructure in our country has not been sufficiently developed, the need for transportation is predominantly loaded on the road network and an unbalanced and inefficient transportation among the types of transportation. The Aydın-Çine-Güllük railway project, which was constructed for the region by the DLH General Directorate, was added to the plan by stating that this deficiency is aimed to be eliminated as much as possible within the scope of the plan, as well as the part between the Kardeşköy-Urnurlu neighborhoods of the city center in Aydın city center. It has been determined as “Urban Light Rail System Route”. For the intercity railway line between the Serçeköy settlements in this section, the route in the south direction was determined in parallel with the settlement spot of the city of Efeler and the intercity route was separated from the urban areas.

In this way, by taking the intercity railway line to the south, it is aimed to eliminate the negativities in the system, which creates a negative physical equivalent in the city and causes problems in transportation safety. The construction of a second line to the existing railway line between Aydın -Denizli, which was developed by the General Directorate of State Railways, is incompatible with the upper scale Environmental Plan Plan decisions in force, and it will make it difficult to move the existing route, which is intended to be transformed into the urban light rail, to the south direction, shifting the line allocated to this process to the south. It can be clearly stated that there is a superior public interest in the direction. It is considered that it is anticipated that 1 / 100.000 scaled Environmental Plan is planned - there is a need for effective cooperation between Local Governments, Relevant Institutions and Civil Society Organizations to move this line to the south instead of developing the existing railway line. ”

Expressing that with the project, the transportation of the line and the underground rail system underground, many projects such as parks, sports fields, pedestrian and bicycle roads that are needed in the east-west direction of the city can also be realized. long and an average of 10 m. It is depth. The area to be won is about 20.00 ha. that is 20 m200.000. This area to be won; For example, by taking the urban rail system underground, the open area, park, pedestrian and bicycle transportation needed in the east-west direction of the city, sports, etc. "The project content includes many opportunities and potential for increasing the quality of urban life."

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